72 Bad Things To Say To A Teenager Fighting Depression

Sometimes when parents really care about the well-being of their teenagers they try to help by giving some advice or saying something to make them feel better. They don’t mean to hurt you, but their good intentions expressed in the wrong words towards you as a depressed teenager can turn your depression into a bigger burden to deal with.

Some other times they seem like they really don’t care about depression because they show a total misunderstanding of the problem by saying things that convey the meaning of “I don’t believe this to be true”.

What we need to keep in mind is that some of these things can have a different meaning if we put it into the perspective of how much trust there is in the relationship. But in general, these are things depressive teenagers won’t like to hear.

Bad things to say to a teenager fighting depression

72 Things Not To Say To A Teenager Fighting Depression  

     1. Really?

     2. You just seeking attention.

     3. Depression isn’t real.

     4. Stop being such a baby.

     5. What do you even have to be depressed about?

     6. There are people worse than you.

     7. Why can’t you just be happy?

     8. In my times…

     9. It’s just in your head.

     10. You’re crazy.

     11. Just snap it off.

     12. You aren’t thankful at all.

     13. Try not to be so depressed.

     14. Just be grateful for what you have.

     15. What’s the matter with you?

     16. Why are you so depressed?

     17. Look things on the bright side.

     18. I don’t think this is a reason to be depressed.

     19. Just need to have more faith.

     20. When I was your age I…

     21. You don’t seem to be depressed.

     22. I thought you were fine

     23. Don’t wallow in that feeling.

     24. Maybe it’s your own fault.

     25. Keep yourself busy

     26. Be a man/woman.

     27. It’s not the end of the world.

     28. One day this will be something you will laugh at.

     29. You need to be more positive.

     30. I was depressed once too.

     31. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

     32. You’re imagining that.

     33. You really think you have it that bad?

     34. I never imagined you are one of those people.

     35. You just need to pray!

     36. Who said life is fair?

     37. Is this is your way of punishing us?

     38. It’s not that bad.

     39. I know what you’re going through…

     40. Cheer up!

     41. It’s going to be ok.

     42. You should go to a poor country.

     43. This must be because you’re a sinner.

     44. You’re just being silly

     45. At least you have xyz…

     46. Have you tried taking a tea?

     47. Quit whining about how bad you have it

     48. Take your time.

     49. That can’t be happening.

     50. It always could be worse

     51. But today it’s a beautiful day to be happy.

     52. I have it worse than you.

     53. Make the decision to stop feeling like this.

     54. You only think about yourself.

     55. Just hang in there.

     56. Just relax.

     57. Probably you brought this to yourself.

     58. Just pull yourself together.

     59. Don’t worry too much.

     60. Do you feel better now?

     61. You’re just not trying to be happy.

     62. Things will get better!

     63. At least is better than…

     64. Take it easy.

     65. This shall pass.

     66. Other people suffer from hunger.

     67. If you were depressed as you say you wouldn’t be like this.

     68. Just don’t think about it. 

     69. Just get over it.

     70. It’s just you that…

     71. This is because you are lazy.

     72. It’s not a big deal.


There are hundreds and hundreds of negative things that shouldn’t be said to someone dealing with depression.

Knowing a few of the bad things not to be said should make us a little bit more aware of how to communicate with someone who is giving signs (or boldly saying) of being depressive and how everything just seems worthless…

Instead of saying something, it’s always better to not say anything and just be there giving valuable support, because, teenagers and people in general just want to take it out of their chest but are not sure how to do it.

Just listen and let them know that they’re not fighting depression alone!

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