A Major Reason for Teen Depression

First thing first, nobody has an easy life, even Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have their problems, the difference is that they have the kinds of problems that almost everybody wants to have in their lives. Like deciding what to do next with their fortune.

While no one really knows how depression is triggered in our life we have been able to identify some factors in our lifestyle that deepen the depression state.

An improper diet, social validation, psychological abuse are the most known, but for those teenagers who don’t or haven’t suffered from these experience is there any reason to be depressed?

Does a teen have reasons to be depressed?

Behind the scenes of a teen lifestyle, in this modern era being a teenager suppose a lot of stress because of the massive amount of pressure that is required of them. Expectations are very high in many aspects of their lives, like choosing a career. This may be a major reason for teen depression.

Something like defining who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in your life is very important and stressful, I get it.

There are two ways of seeing it and it will depend in the way you look at everything in your life, you either see it with a lot of excitement to define your purpose in the world or for whatever reason you get worried and discouraged because you can’t decide.

In this particular example, I believe this can only be a valid reason to be a worried and a little bit depressed if you can’t get the right counsel to establish a “definite chief aim” -your passion- and have the tendency to see everything in a pessimistic way.

I always keep in mind that you (as a teenager) are on the stage between leaving your childhood and starting to embrace your adulthood, meaning that you need advice, encouragement, and knowledge from someone wiser, usually your parents.

What I can say for certain that will help you (as a teenager) a lot is that you need to strengthen up your character and define what you really want in your life, like how do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years.

If you’re having trouble deciding your life (for the rest of your life) then decide just for the next 10 years or 20 years, that’s it!

You always can make adjustment along the way!!

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Start looking at the horizon with a new perspective by asking yourself, who do I want to serve?

This is a serious topic, but there’s no need for you to don’t have to be so serious to actually get worried and depressed about it.

I hope this post helps you on feeling more secure about this whole topic, but if you are really having troubles with deciding your career then I’ll recommend seeing this article on Forbes. Answer the 9 questions over there and you’ll be on your way to find your dream career. Trust me!

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