How Does True Love Looks Like?


Several times I’ve talked about depression and anxiety, the things we need to focus on everyday to improve ourselves and how we are expressing self-care with these acts with respect and high moral values. But what I haven’t done enough is talking about self-love and neither about true love in a relationship to someone else.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and around this time we feel the necessity or sometimes the obligation to profess “love” towards our partners with gifts, love letters, Valentines cards, chocolates, flowers, special dates, etc…

On the other hand, people who aren’t in a relationship tend to fall into depression because they think something is wrong with them. I’d like to demonstrate here why Valentine’s Day is not that important to those that feel depressed about it.

Before that, let’s take a look at what love is.

What is Love?

♪ Baby don’t hurt me…

I’ll not go too deep into defining what love is because I think is not something we need to understand with logic but instead with our gut feelings, with our hearts.

One simple and clear definition of Love; a sense of affinity toward something or someone.

A great definition I believe! This one conveys that love is something we feel towards others because we sense that we can relate and open up our true selves. We can deposit our trust and be vulnerable.

Just for the sake of mentioning because I think is an interesting fact about love. Greeks in ancient times used seven words to describe the different kind of loves we can perceive and devote, these are:

Philautia -> Self-love

Storage -> Natural affection

Philia -> Friendship

Ludus -> Flirting

Eros -> Sexual and Erotica

Pragma -> Committed (Married)

Agape -> Unconditional (Divine)

As I’ve said, I’ll not go too deep about what love is (maybe will save it for another post). But hope this basic understanding and the simple definition I’ve just gave you here, will serve you well.

Now, I’ll give you my opinion about what is “true love”, and why if you are single you shouldn’t be depressed about Valentines Day.

When There’s True Love in a Relationship, Valentine’s Day is just Another Day

Valentine’s Day is good in the way to remind us that we need to keep in track, not lose the way of caring and showing the commitment to our partner, that we are interested in being with her/him.

All of this is very important because sometimes we can lose track and forget to nurture our love life, but the way we try to nurture a relationship is by an expensive date, a fancy gift or doing something big to show our significant others that we really love them. And this is not the right way.

I almost can bet someone hasn’t fallen in love with you because you gave flowers and chocolates in Valentines Day. Showing interest? Sure thing! But true love it’s hard to gauge or maybe cannot be measured, not sure about this statement.

What I have pretty clear is that what sets the difference in relationships that have love at its core between those that lack it, is the daily practice of being committed to our partner in the relationship.

The daily minimal and insignificant things that by standing-alone won’t make any difference, but when combined over certain amount of time, it makes all the difference.

It’s not about the intensity because there’s not an exact day in which you can say “I love you” but instead it’s about the consistency. Being genuinely consistent is more about believing there’s something over there with that person and you keep committed to that person and that relationship.

When the two of you do it, you can say there’s true love! And that’s why you shouldn’t be depressed about being single in Valentines Day.


Love is something we all can feel but sometimes cannot explain. Love is not something we need to understand with logic but instead feel it with our hearts.

By having a sense of affinity with your own self, you’ll end up accepting who you are and keep committed toward building a healthy relationship with yourself. And as a matter of fact, it will be the best thing to do before starting a love relationship.

Valentines Day is more about intensity not consistency which is where we can find true love. However, the trick of consistency and finding love, is being genuine with the interest and the actions taken to foster the relationship.

We All Can Fail in the Fight Against Depression

When we are fighting to achieve something in life we can encounter some roadblocks and setbacks that prevent us of achieving it. It could be starting a business, writing a book, becoming an artist in some way, etc.

Sometimes we encounter big roadblocks that we in our current state cannot surpass and get to the other side where we want to be. It has become too much to deal with.

At some point in our lives we all can fail in the fight against depression too. That’s something possible to happen in this every day fight. That’s just reality as it is.

A man with his hand in face and eyes closed. Depressed and thinking about its problems and how to solve them.
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Don’t Handle Everything, But Just Everything You Can

When something negative happens, when we are failing and things are falling apart, when you feel like not being able to get back in your feet, there’s something you need to realize.

You need to realize that once you are aligned with what is true, honest and with integrity of your being and who you want to become, you just need to handle what you can handle, try to put in order only the things you can control and don’t get overwhelmed by the things outside of your control.

Be careful with the chaos lurking around and set to fix the things that are in disorder, if they cannot be fixed, then learn to accept them as they come to you.

For the things that are already good, try to make them a little better every day. Life has the tendency of being in a perpetual state of change anyways, so why not trying to have the perpetual mindset transforming good things into better things!?

I believe people, no, we as human beings, have tremendous capacity to persevere against great loss and can survive through a lot of pain. We are tough, tougher than we imagine we are, but to unfold this capacity within us, we need to see the good in Being.

Depression is Taking the Best Out of Me, Is This Really Working?

A man sitting in a rock in a meditative state with eye opens and thiniking about getting out of its problems.
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What about if you still feel like a mess? Like you cannot bear with what is in front of you?

What about if you feel like being hopeless of finding happiness in your life? Or worse, what about if you can’t see the good in Being?

We are tough, no doubt about it. But certainly we have a limit too.
When this limit has been met, what we must do then?

The answer I’ll give you it is probably not the one you are expecting and surely a lot of people won’t agree with me on this one. But I think that when we’re failing in the fight against depression, and we feel like falling apart without hope of standing back again, we need to rely on something bigger than ourselves!

There’s just so much that we can take before we turn bitter and resentful. Before turning this way, and stop believing in ourselves, we should at least try to believe in something more powerful than what we can see and experience in this world.

Believe and rely on Jesus Christ! Who gave his life for all of us. By accepting him and believing in him, he will remove those feelings of failure and defeat in our lives and replace them with love in its purest form.


Align yourself with the highest moral values (heaven!?). Do what you can with what you can manage. The things outside of your control; learn to accept them and fix them if possible.

Learn about your limits, and when you’ve reached that limit, leave your struggle and your fight to God, and he himself will help you to surpass your failures.

5 Qualities of a Successful Life Out of Depression

I want to express the qualities of a successful life (and not of a happy life) because happiness is the byproduct of being successful. Happiness is easily achieved once we perceive our lives to be a success, or at least in continuous progress towards that success.

Once you instill and learn to apply the qualities to have a successful life, depression will not have a chance to crawl over you and consume your being. The strategy to get out of depression here is quite simple to understand, apply the qualities of success for happiness to follow you and depression automatically will lose ground in your life.

1. Patience

Not to be confounded with hesitation, indecisiveness and lack of taking action. The skill of waiting is; knowing with certainty, deciding with conviction and taking action without hesitation.

Patience it is believed to be something that either we have or don’t have. Like you either were born with it or not. I think this is a big misconception, because patience it’s something we all have to a certain degree.

I claim this because I’ve found that the most successful people out there will tell you it’s something practiced, something you need to develop. And this skill well learned and used, will always create a favorable outcome in any given situation.

2. A Long Run Vision

A long run vision is the capacity of watching how things will unfold in the far away future. It is how a strategist see the things in its head.

It helps to have this kind of vision vs the short term one because in the short term vision you are focusing in how things are right now, and what can be done to completely change the things today.

It helps to have this kind of vision vs the short term one because in the short term vision you are focusing in how things are right now, and what can be done to completely change the things today. Having the expectancy of big changes and doing something significant “at the moment” usually lead us to a wrong path.

On the other hand, having a long term vision focuses in the gradual change of things, it focuses on what little (often perceived as insignificant) details we can adapt today to see the big change in the future. And usually lead us to conclude we need to sacrifice certain things and make an effort if we want to achieve our long term goal.

3. Discipline

Discipline is one of those words we all can hear preached repeatedly by all kind of successful people. And yet most of the people still keep failing of fully applying it and sometimes even understand it completely.

Let’s put it in this way. Have you ever flight or have seen a kite flying? Do you know how they can keep flying?

There are several parts of a kite; the sails, the cross spar, the line, the spine, the tails, a swivel for the line and the bridle. Each one of them do their part to make the kite able catch the wind and fly.

Pretty obvious is that cutting the line will make the kite lose it’s stability, go nuts in the sky for a little time and then crash down to the ground or some building.

Discipline is that line of self-control that make us to have the capability of going as high, far, and in whichever way we want in the flight of our lives. Just as the line of a kite, without discipline we will lose our stability to the emotions, won’t have a set course of flight and lastly we’ll crash.

4. Responsibility

One wise man said long ago that “we like to take responsibility of winnings, but the loses, we even don’t want to see them” (if it haven’t been said, then I’m saying it right now!).

Being responsible in a sense, is taking ownership of the good or bad things that are happening or have happened, and we have certain grade of involvement in those things happening.

Clarifying, responsibility is making ourselves the owners of bad or good things happening in our lives. When things go the wrong way we usually want to detach of those things, but when things are going positive we want to take ownership because we’d like to believe we’re doing a good job.

This happens because we want to tell the story to ourselves and others that we are doing our best effort and thanks to that, this is the outcome (positive) or in despite of that the circumstances and external factors cannot be managed (negative).

Knowing that you’re doing the best you can and be humble (more on humility for another time) to accept things as they are, no matter how good or bad, this is how (I think) responsibility starts to develop.

5. An Open Mind

Open mindedness is being humble enough to accept you could be all wrong about something (again, more on humility for another time) and you have the capacity to change your standpoint at any given time.

All of this is proven by the constant evaluation of our thoughts, perceptions and mindset to be molded by new ideas and the possibility of adapting those ideas.

This could be one definition or the definition of having an open mind. To fight depression effectively and having a successful life out of it, an open mind will help us to constantly evolve the way we think, see, and perceive things.

Realizing that we can be wrong and accepting the possibility that other ways of thinking can be more certain, lead us to not be so fixed on our own ways, to not believe that we have all the answers and everyone else is wrong, and that is ok to seek help from others.


To have a successful life out of depression you need to work things out, it is not something achieved in an instant from the night to the morning. Anything meaningful in life needs to be worked out and applied constantly in a daily basis to see the big change in the future.

When you have an open mind and a long run vision to see a better version of yourself in the future, you make yourself responsible for attaining that change and work it out with discipline and patience every day, you’ll have an amazing stepping stone for a successful life out of depression.

Your True Identity & The New Beginning Ahead!

Last year has ended, and a whole new year has begun. The loud music, parties, the food along with the alcohol has most probably ended for a lot of us by now. The time to go back to “the normal life” has already started and with the coming of a new year most people (pretty sure that at least 99.99 %) has some thoughts about starting something new and ending something negative in their lives. 

Well, I know that some people sometimes won’t recognize what they’re thinking about, but the truth is that with the end and the beginning of a year, we feel a little hesitant about what we’ve accomplished and what we want to achieve in our lives. By thinking in this way, we’re giving a little perspective of who we are and whom we want to be!

Your True Identity

By its definition on Wikipedia (in psychology’s terms); identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make a person (self-identity) or group (particular social category or social group).

“A person’s identity is defined as the totality of one’s self-construal, in which how one construes oneself in the present expresses the continuity between how one construes oneself as one was in the past and how one construes oneself as one aspires to be in the future”.

Weinreich, Peter (1988) [1986]

Everybody knows what identity means but I wanted a valid definition to point out something about it. Looking at this definition and relating it with what I’ve said, we can rephrase this understanding as; at the end/start of a year we sense a cycle has ended and a new one is starting now. In this change of a cycle we give perspective to our qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions.

Now, for those people who suffer from depression it can feel as a very negative experience because they usually think and feel bad about that if they think this way, then there must be something wrong with them.

So what do they need to do? How do they define their identity?

The New Beginning

The First Step to Take it’s Defining Who You Really Are.

First thing first, realize that your depression (or anxiety) is the one who wants to create confusion and lead you to thinking you are wrong. What I want you to understand is that thinking about who you are and finding your self-identity is a normal process, and is even more common when we are at this time of the year.

Another point I want to remark is that you really care about your identity, if you really don’t care, then why giving so much thought? This search for your true identity it translates in a new beginning in your fight against depression, maybe a new beginning of a business, a healthier lifestyle or even starting to write a book.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Laozi, Chapter 64 of the Tao Te Ching.

It doesn’t matter when you’re going to start but what you want to accomplish must be aligned with your beliefs, qualities and personality. I know this could be hard, but in reality, you always need to start with the first step to begin your journey.

Going Deeper Into Depression

I get that depressed people can’t do anything without feeling… well, depressed. Or not feeling like doing it anyways. If this is the case in you, then depression is deeply rotted in your identity because it lead you to believe it is your true identity when you look at yourself.

Depression got this roots inside because it’s very tricky, believing that you can’t change you’re identity is another trick, a false belief created by it. To start a new beginning you’ll need to take responsability of defining (and redefining everyday) you’re true identity to erase the false depressed identity, keep committed to the identiy you’d like to have and everyday will become a little more your true identity.


Around this time we all make plans and set goals to better ourselves. We feel that a cycle is ending and a new one is beginning, so we perceive our lives must do the same. My advice will be then that we take the perspective of who we are and who we want to be, and align it with what we want to accomplish. Having in mind always that depression is not our true identity but something that wants to create confusion of who we really are and we can change the false identity created by depression.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter when we’re starting a new beginning. But what really matters is from where, and that place must always be who we are today and who we are going to become if we accomplish what we’ve set our mind to accomplish.

Hope all of this makes sense to you… Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & New Year Resolution!

Maybe you are making some preparations for the Christmas Eve. Family reunions, the gifts, the dinner, etc… Maybe you have also setup your New Year Resolution and this is what I want to talk about today.

This definition is taken from Wikipedia: A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

For those of you that haven’t written your New Year Resolution, I encourage you to do it, it is very well-known that achieving a goal (no matter how small or big) will help you to feel better about yourself, thus, can help you to fight depression, and a year resolution is what most people do when a new year is coming. So go and do it, you still have a lot of time.

If you have already set up your goals for the coming year, Congrats!! This means you know how important this is to better yourself, to improve your life, to fight and win against depression.

Common New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolution

Now, I want you to review it to check what are the items you have there. I don’t know about you, but most people (the big majority of people including myself for a time) are inclined to set goals like: Getting a new car, making more money, getting a new job (or being promoted), getting better grades (in College or High School), getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend), being fit, losing X amount of weight and have a healthier lifestyle, maybe learning how to dance salsa, to play the guitar or the piano, how to sing… I can continue on and on, but I think you’ve got the idea.

Were you able to see a trend over there? I mean, were you able to see that most of these things are focusing in materialistic gains and in the ego’s realm? It is OK to have this kind of goals, I’m not condemning anybody for having them, but with this in mind, I want to ask you; What goals are dedicated to God? Where is Jesus in the equation?

Probably you are not of a big believer in Jesus, you’re not following God or practicing a religion. I can understand that you may not know Jesus Christ, and I’m not the one to say how and when you’ll know him. But, some day I’m pretty sure you will.

The Kind Of World I’d Like to See

With that said, if you’re not planning on making some room for Jesus Christ in your goals and life in the coming year, then at least make some room in your resolution to be more emphatic, train your patience, becoming a good friend, sister/brother/neigbor, bring a smile to people, forgiving, not holding grudges to the people that has done wrong to you, inspire people, learning the art of making people feel joy/hope! How these resolutions sounds to you?

Can you imagine if more people set this kind of goals in their new year resolution? In what kind of world we would be living today? I can be 99% sure this planet would not be with so much depression and anxiety today. I mean, if those were the kind of goals and new year resolutions that must people set and try to achieve, we wouldn’t see so much sadness, angriness, envy, bad behavior and narcissism.

This is the world I’d like to see, but what I see is all the contrary for the more meaningless things. That’s too bad. I guess this kind of world can only exist in the mind of a dreamer. Thanks God I believe in Jesus Christ and have faith that he will set up everything right.

And with that said, I’ll see you next year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way!!

Have You Forget The Real Meaning Of Christmas?

The World Is Forgetting The Real Meaning Of Christmas.

Some time ago I’ve come to see on the TV a guy that was interviewing random people in the street. The questions were simple: What do you think is it Christmas for? Why do we celebrate Christmas? What do you like the most in Christmas eve?

The answers were also simple and very straight forward: For the family to reunite. The gifts and spending time with our loved ones. To create memories that we can share when we get old. We celebrate happiness and the joy to be alive. Christmas is to remember that there’s season to be warm when it’s cold outside.

It was a long time ago, and I’ll admit can’t recall exactly how everything happened. This is why I’ve thrown some examples of the questions and answers for you to get the idea.

While I was watching it, I remember thinking that this interview is proof that most people don’t celebrate Christmas for what really means. Until a little child around 5-7 years old with his mother besides him was asked: What is Christmas for you? He stopped to think for a moment, then he smiled to let us know he has just found the answer, and then he said: To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

To Celebrate The Birth Of Jesus Christ!

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Sure I was like changing the channel asking in my mind Where is Jesus? and a little disappointed for the kind of responses given because Jesus Christ has been left out. But that one response from that child was one of the most amazing things I have stumbled upon by changing TV channels randomly.

That moment was shocking for the young man directing the interview and the mother just smiled with amazement in her face. It one of those moments that I’d like to remember my entire life because it taught me there’s still hope out there. It was a really beautiful moment!

Maybe I cannot talk on behalf of everybody but I’m pretty sure that we as human beings have felt that spark of faith and hope in humanity. In fact, there is a trend in YouTube with the name “My faith in humanity has been restored”. Very touchy videos. Go check them out when you have more free time.

Watching the response of that child is that exact feeling I had. My faith in Christmas has been restored.

Sometimes in Christmas we can feel sad because we didn’t get the gifts we wanted, the family couldn’t reunite, we couldn’t spend time with our loved ones.

But the truth is that if we look what’s the real meaning of Christmas, and why we should celebrate it, we’ll remember what’s really important, and we’ll celebrate it not because things went how we expected, and we get what we desire but by its true meaning. It’s to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Bipolar Depression & Mania

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

To define Bipolar Depression we just need to understand there are mood changes that are extreme in a very short period of time. Meaning that it can go from a down mood to a high mood. The lows are known as depression and the high moods are called mania.

If this is the case, we can define it then as a cycle with a rapid change between maniac and depressed moods. Something to add is that almost anything can be a trigger to one of these mood changes.

It usually in the late teens of people or in the young adult years but there is a trend nowadays in cases of children suffering from bipolar disorder too. While the reasons remain unclear on why this happens it is more common in women to be diagnosed with it.

Let’s explore some of the symptoms we need to know to identify bipolar disorders.

Bipolar Depression

  1. Ahnedonia.
  2. Suicide ideation, thinking a lot about death.
  3. Lack of energy, feeling fatigue for no apparent reason.
  4. Becoming a loner
  5. Cognitive functions aren’t working properly.
  6. A long period of time with sadness.
  7. Change in appetite that is extreme on the person.

Bipolar Mania

  1. Risky not calculated behavior, (spending too much, gambling, impulsive sex).
  2. Racing thoughts, talking and doing things very fast.
  3. Being overly restless about everything.
  4. Overestimating your abilities toward something.
  5. Overly happy in an extended period of time.
  6. Becoming easily distracted.
  7. A decreased need for sleep.

Bipolar Depression and Mania

The thing with this cycle is that it creates a feeling of uncertainty because you never know when the next episode of mania or depression will come. This “uncertainty” can feel very strong, and this is why people usually become anxious if they are bipolar.

Being successful in fighting Bipolar Disorder is like balancing your life between too much of two contradicting ends. At least, that’s what all the treatments, encouragement, the psychiatrist sessions, medicaments, etc… are trying to do. They try to keep you on balance between you not going too much to one of the ends of the scale.

Praying And Meditation Against Mania And Depression

What I’ve found is very helpful against Bipolar Disorder is being aware at all times of how you are feeling at the moment. This awareness is not something you master easily, but something that you need to practice with praying and meditation.

What I’m saying is that, once you become aware of your emotions and state of being, you’ll be able to manage how you feel and how you react to any given situation. It will be something you do effortlessly and natural.

You also need a lot of patience because you’ll not see significant changes at the beginning, and even months can come and go before you can feel different about yourself.

I know this is maybe not what you expected, but truth is that anything worth achieving comes with time and effort. Also, take notice that this won’t come with any hidden second effect in your life!

Can Depression Be Cured?

I remember one time when I was reading an article about said no one in the world can run 1 mile under 4 minutes. That was in the last century and the first time it was achieved was in 1954 by Roger Bannister with a time of 3:59.4.

After him, a thousand male runners have broken that barrier too and currently the world record of a mile it’s held by Hicham El Guerrouj, who ran a time of 3:43.13 in Rome in 1999. Pretty impressive right?

In less than 50 years we have changed from believing something wasn’t possible to break that “impossibility” and make a record with almost 17 seconds over it.

How Is This Related To Depression?

Fair question, what I want to say is that we can believe something is not possible and have that supposed knowledge as a core fundament of our belief systems. But we need just one person in the world that achieve the “impossible” for us to open our minds and question what it is possible.

No one has run a mile under 4 minutes before 1954 and when someone did it a lot of people got the inspiration to do it too.

You may say, but depression is not the same, everybody experiences depression differently. You’re right, depression is a different experience for every people suffering it.

But remember that those athletes that have run and break the 1 mile/4 minute threshold are different too. They had different backgrounds, different height, and weight, different genetics (obviously) and yet they all have one thing in common.

They believed it is possible and that they can do it!

Can Depression Bew Cured?

Can Depression Be Cured?

To answer this question I will say a definite… Of Course!! Depression can be cured!

There is not just one story of someone beating depression and lastly living a joyful and happy life. But a dozen of thousands of people who share their story about how the fight it, how they struggle with it, how they almost but never give up, how they become as deaf to hear the lies of depression in their heads and how lastly they cured their depression.

One of the best stories I’ve ever known is how James Gordon after 20 years of trying everything he finally accomplished his dream of being cured of depression. Now he can teach you How In A Simple 7-Step System You Can Destroy Your Depression.

We need to do the same as athletes, they have practiced, they do their work to achieve their goal and finally, achieve it.

It’s not something you’re born with, it’s something that you can achieve too if you’re willing to do the work.


There’s only one thing you need to take from here today. And that is if someone else has achieved something in life you can do it too.

No matter the differences, the burdens, and the struggles, what matter is to have the common way of thinking with those that have succeeded. Know that it’s possible and be certain it’s possible for you too!

5 Unknown Panic Attack Symptoms

Without any kind of advice or any warning, you start to feel like not being able to breathe, your heart is pumping blood in overload mode, your chest feels with pain without receiving any type of physical trauma and for no practical reason, there’s an overcoming feeling of terror making your body intensely sweat or having the chills…

That’s basically how a panic attack can be described and even most people in the world will experience a panic attack once or twice in their lives.

The good news is that they can be treated and if you haven’t had one in your life then it is very improbable that you suffer one panic attack. However, if you have suffered one panic attack then it is more likely that you suffer another in the near or far future. If you constantly have panic attacks then it is considered that you are suffering a disorder called panic disorder.

There’s a famous quote from “Anonymous” telling how a panic attack feels that a lot of people suffering panic disorder identify with.

It literally feels like my world is falling apart — like whatever thing that has just happened is apocalyptic, even if it’s actually a really small thing.

Most Common Panic Attack Symptoms

People suffering panic attacks experience most of the following symptoms:
  • “Racing” heart.
  • Not feeling in control.
  • Having chills or sweating too much.
  • A sense of doom and/or terror.
  • Difficulties to breathe.
  • Feeling dizzy, or even fainting.
  • Numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Chest pains.

Maybe you already know or at least had heard about these symptoms. But It is very likely that you hadn’t heard too much about the next symptoms I’ll mention. These are just a few on the most uncommon and unknown ones.

Unknown Panic Attacks Symptoms

5 Unknown Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

  • Body Odor.

Remember that a common symptom is being sweaty. This is because there are rapid changes in hormones and the immune system gets weakened, and all of this without any doubt can lead to an increase in body odor.

  • Weakened Immune System

While nobody knows with 100% certainty what’s happening inside a body there is some research that leads to believe there’s a strong connection with that anxiety and stress affect your immune system. This could be a reason why catching a flue and being is easier while having depression, anxiety, and even panic disorder.

  • Cold Feet

You tend to become more sensitive to temperatures changes and your blood circulation suffers changes too, which can develop the result of developing cold hands and cold feet.

  • Derealization

It means feeling like being detached from everything that surrounds you. Everything feels unfamiliar during panic attacks, even if has known that environment for years.

  • Brain Lightning

This is probably the most unknown because it even doesn’t have a clinical term. The term usually described for this symptom of anxiety and panic attacks is “brain shivers”. Patients also describe it as electric shocks in the brain and head but there are times that these electrical sensations can be sensed around the body too.

Some Final Thoughts

The thing with Panic Attacks is that you live in the eternal expectancy of when will it come the next one. And that won’t let you experience life as you should, that put you out of the mindset of being in the present and enjoying every moment because you’re too worried about suffering another panic attack.

While I cannot say you’ll be totally cured or it will be an easy thing to do, I think going out and doing whatever you can to live a full and great life is both a cure for this anxiety and a way to make sure that panic attacks cause fewer problems in your life.

How To Know If You Are Depressed

I know that the best recommendation is to start seeing a therapist and opening yourself about what you’re feeling so it can be diagnosed. But let face it, a therapy session can be really expensive, especially for teenagers who won’t find the support of their parents.

There are other more accessible options than a therapist to know if you have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or suffer from any other one of the wide variety of mental illnesses.

Among these options are forums, youtube videos, blogs, quizzes, etc…

Let’s make a quick recap of the most known symptoms of depression.

How To Know When You Are Depressed

The Most Known Symptoms To Know If You Are Depressed


This means that we stop loving our hobbies and don’t want to engage in any kind of activity that usually is pleasurable to us.

Being In A Constant State Of Pessimism

This is probably the most recognized and easy to spot among all. We must know that feeling sad and down is one thing and usually goes away by itself. But when those feelings are constant we can even feel the pain in our bodies. This is the one that usually leads to the feeling of emptiness.

Suicidal Ideation

People who think this way usually have ideas like “how everything will continue without me?” but most people really don’t want to die, they want just the pain ends.

Loss Of Energy

This is why it’s so hard to do even the most basics things in life; taking a shower, making the bed, washing the dishes…

Change In Appetite

Either eating too much or not wanting to eat is a way that our body tells us that there’s something we need to pay attention too.

Poor Concentration

Everything gets harder to understand and you feel like your mental process has gone down, but cannot find the reason, then probably you have this symptom too.


Boredom and anxiety can cause this too. This means that you cannot relax and be quiet for enough time.

Physical Manifestation

Headaches, back pain, tired legs, feeling like being with the flu, etc…


Closely related to not feeling an inner peace. The heart and the mind are troubled with all kind of thoughts and feelings and its manifestation is mostly with angriness.

How To Know If You Have Depression

According to psychiatrists, if you have 5 or more of these symptoms for at least 2 weeks, then you can be diagnosed with depression.

The thing here to be sure you have depression or not is if these feelings and symptoms are recurrent in your life. The best way to really know how you feel about yourself is by knowing yourself as best as you can. Take a deep breath, close your mind and start to navigate inside your mind to find what’s the meaning of this moment.

Realize that this moment is what we all have and try always to keep being your best version for this moment alone. This will not come as easily as it sounds, but keep doing it every day at every opportunity you have and something will grow inside of you. That something is the certainty of betters things to come because you’re giving your best as best as you know and as best as you can.