Bipolar Depression & Mania

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

To define Bipolar Depression we just need to understand there are mood changes that are extreme in a very short period of time. Meaning that it can go from a down mood to a high mood. The lows are known as depression and the high moods are called mania.

If this is the case, we can define it then as a cycle with a rapid change between maniac and depressed moods. Something to add is that almost anything can be a trigger to one of these mood changes.

It usually in the late teens of people or in the young adult years but there is a trend nowadays in cases of children suffering from bipolar disorder too. While the reasons remain unclear on why this happens it is more common in women to be diagnosed with it.

Let’s explore some of the symptoms we need to know to identify bipolar disorders.

Bipolar Depression

  1. Ahnedonia.
  2. Suicide ideation, thinking a lot about death.
  3. Lack of energy, feeling fatigue for no apparent reason.
  4. Becoming a loner
  5. Cognitive functions aren’t working properly.
  6. A long period of time with sadness.
  7. Change in appetite that is extreme on the person.

Bipolar Mania

  1. Risky not calculated behavior, (spending too much, gambling, impulsive sex).
  2. Racing thoughts, talking and doing things very fast.
  3. Being overly restless about everything.
  4. Overestimating your abilities toward something.
  5. Overly happy in an extended period of time.
  6. Becoming easily distracted.
  7. A decreased need for sleep.

Bipolar Depression and Mania

The thing with this cycle is that it creates a feeling of uncertainty because you never know when the next episode of mania or depression will come. This “uncertainty” can feel very strong, and this is why people usually become anxious if they are bipolar.

Being successful in fighting Bipolar Disorder is like balancing your life between too much of two contradicting ends. At least, that’s what all the treatments, encouragement, the psychiatrist sessions, medicaments, etc… are trying to do. They try to keep you on balance between you not going too much to one of the ends of the scale.

Praying And Meditation Against Mania And Depression

What I’ve found is very helpful against Bipolar Disorder is being aware at all times of how you are feeling at the moment. This awareness is not something you master easily, but something that you need to practice with praying and meditation.

What I’m saying is that, once you become aware of your emotions and state of being, you’ll be able to manage how you feel and how you react to any given situation. It will be something you do effortlessly and natural.

You also need a lot of patience because you’ll not see significant changes at the beginning, and even months can come and go before you can feel different about yourself.

I know this is maybe not what you expected, but truth is that anything worth achieving comes with time and effort. Also, take notice that this won’t come with any hidden second effect in your life!

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