We All Can Fail in the Fight Against Depression

When we are fighting to achieve something in life we can encounter some roadblocks and setbacks that prevent us of achieving it. It could be starting a business, writing a book, becoming an artist in some way, etc.

Sometimes we encounter big roadblocks that we in our current state cannot surpass and get to the other side where we want to be. It has become too much to deal with.

At some point in our lives we all can fail in the fight against depression too. That’s something possible to happen in this every day fight. That’s just reality as it is.

A man with his hand in face and eyes closed. Depressed and thinking about its problems and how to solve them.
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Don’t Handle Everything, But Just Everything You Can

When something negative happens, when we are failing and things are falling apart, when you feel like not being able to get back in your feet, there’s something you need to realize.

You need to realize that once you are aligned with what is true, honest and with integrity of your being and who you want to become, you just need to handle what you can handle, try to put in order only the things you can control and don’t get overwhelmed by the things outside of your control.

Be careful with the chaos lurking around and set to fix the things that are in disorder, if they cannot be fixed, then learn to accept them as they come to you.

For the things that are already good, try to make them a little better every day. Life has the tendency of being in a perpetual state of change anyways, so why not trying to have the perpetual mindset transforming good things into better things!?

I believe people, no, we as human beings, have tremendous capacity to persevere against great loss and can survive through a lot of pain. We are tough, tougher than we imagine we are, but to unfold this capacity within us, we need to see the good in Being.

Depression is Taking the Best Out of Me, Is This Really Working?

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What about if you still feel like a mess? Like you cannot bear with what is in front of you?

What about if you feel like being hopeless of finding happiness in your life? Or worse, what about if you can’t see the good in Being?

We are tough, no doubt about it. But certainly we have a limit too.
When this limit has been met, what we must do then?

The answer I’ll give you it is probably not the one you are expecting and surely a lot of people won’t agree with me on this one. But I think that when we’re failing in the fight against depression, and we feel like falling apart without hope of standing back again, we need to rely on something bigger than ourselves!

There’s just so much that we can take before we turn bitter and resentful. Before turning this way, and stop believing in ourselves, we should at least try to believe in something more powerful than what we can see and experience in this world.

Believe and rely on Jesus Christ! Who gave his life for all of us. By accepting him and believing in him, he will remove those feelings of failure and defeat in our lives and replace them with love in its purest form.


Align yourself with the highest moral values (heaven!?). Do what you can with what you can manage. The things outside of your control; learn to accept them and fix them if possible.

Learn about your limits, and when you’ve reached that limit, leave your struggle and your fight to God, and he himself will help you to surpass your failures.

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