How To Know If You Are Depressed

I know that the best recommendation is to start seeing a therapist and opening yourself about what you’re feeling so it can be diagnosed. But let face it, a therapy session can be really expensive, especially for teenagers who won’t find the support of their parents.

There are other more accessible options than a therapist to know if you have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or suffer from any other one of the wide variety of mental illnesses.

Among these options are forums, youtube videos, blogs, quizzes, etc…

Let’s make a quick recap of the most known symptoms of depression.

How To Know When You Are Depressed

The Most Known Symptoms To Know If You Are Depressed


This means that we stop loving our hobbies and don’t want to engage in any kind of activity that usually is pleasurable to us.

Being In A Constant State Of Pessimism

This is probably the most recognized and easy to spot among all. We must know that feeling sad and down is one thing and usually goes away by itself. But when those feelings are constant we can even feel the pain in our bodies. This is the one that usually leads to the feeling of emptiness.

Suicidal Ideation

People who think this way usually have ideas like “how everything will continue without me?” but most people really don’t want to die, they want just the pain ends.

Loss Of Energy

This is why it’s so hard to do even the most basics things in life; taking a shower, making the bed, washing the dishes…

Change In Appetite

Either eating too much or not wanting to eat is a way that our body tells us that there’s something we need to pay attention too.

Poor Concentration

Everything gets harder to understand and you feel like your mental process has gone down, but cannot find the reason, then probably you have this symptom too.


Boredom and anxiety can cause this too. This means that you cannot relax and be quiet for enough time.

Physical Manifestation

Headaches, back pain, tired legs, feeling like being with the flu, etc…


Closely related to not feeling an inner peace. The heart and the mind are troubled with all kind of thoughts and feelings and its manifestation is mostly with angriness.

How To Know If You Have Depression

According to psychiatrists, if you have 5 or more of these symptoms for at least 2 weeks, then you can be diagnosed with depression.

The thing here to be sure you have depression or not is if these feelings and symptoms are recurrent in your life. The best way to really know how you feel about yourself is by knowing yourself as best as you can. Take a deep breath, close your mind and start to navigate inside your mind to find what’s the meaning of this moment.

Realize that this moment is what we all have and try always to keep being your best version for this moment alone. This will not come as easily as it sounds, but keep doing it every day at every opportunity you have and something will grow inside of you. That something is the certainty of betters things to come because you’re giving your best as best as you know and as best as you can.

Let’s Talk About Self-Harm And Depression

There is a lot of misunderstanding around a teenager who likes to practice the toxic behavior of self-harming himself. And I want to give my thoughts on this because it’s very important to understand clearly what is happening in someone doing this, and how we can help people to stop inflicting self-harm injuries.

A self-harm is an expression of inflicting a kind of damage in oneself. The most common method is by cutting but also breaking bones, hitting yourself, burning, etc… are known methods of this act.

Self-harm and depression

Self-harm’s Misconception #1

One of the misunderstandings is that people generally do this in the seek of attention (while there are cases this is true, it is false in most cases). Depression, anxiety and self-harm behavior are closely related because people who cannot deal with life and are in an everlasting state of emptiness, feel a relief when they get injured.

It almost like feeling something different from hopelessness, like if they feel pain, they are alive and being connected once again to the world. I know it could be hard to process and I don’t say this is the absolute truth, but I do know this is one of the reasons a lot of teenagers and young adults like to injure their bodies.

Self-harm’s Misconception #2

Self-harming is not a topic that they don’t like to touch and they won’t talk about it. The reality is that they would like to talk about it and express how they feel while they are doing it and why they’re doing it.

What they really don’t like to deal with is the judgment created in the people (and society in general) that don’t understand this kind of behavior. Now, let us make clear that self-harming behavior doesn’t need to be approved by society, but if we as a society understand better why this happens, we as a society can become less judgemental about it and more people can feel more comfortable seeking help to stop doing it in themselves.

Self-harm’s Misconception #3

All people who like to self-harm themselves are suicidal or have suicidal ideation.

This is another belief that is false in a lot of people who injure themselves. While I can understand the possible relationship between hurting oneself and wanting to die, that relationship doesn’t exist in a lot of cases.

We need to just see the worldwide stats of people who suicide and doesn’t present any unregular behavior of hurting themselves. Or the cases of people who practice getting injured on purpose and express that they don’t want to commit suicide.

Something I’ve come to understand about this issue (and keeps me a little puzzled) is that people who adopt this practice are seeking to gain and maintain some sort of control over their lives (mostly in teenagers) because they think if they are inflicting a feeling on their bodies (pain) then they are in control of their feelings.

Another thing we need to understand is that the act of self-injuring oneself is about releasing the feelings by bleeding them out. Like if the blood is charged with those negative feelings and the physical act of letting the blood out can discharge the emotions because they are a lot to handle by a normal human being.

If you’re self-harming yourself, the best advice someone can give you is to seek help, find someone to talk about it and don’t hide it. Don’t try to deal with any of this by yourself, because sometimes it becomes too much to bear it by yourself and you’ll get shattered and worst if you feel you’re doing it alone.

What People With Depression Wish Others To Know About Depression

Some people live and don’t have the intention to walk out the phase of not talking and asking for help because whether they think they can manage their depression or they deny they have it. Whatever the reason, the point is they don’t talk about their low mood or talk just with a really close friend.

In this post, I want to share some of my personal insight about how depressed people see and perceive depression as best as I can.

To do this in the mindset of someone suffering from depression, there are at least two main things that people with depression wish others to know about depression. One is they cannot control their feelings, thinking, and the sense of worthlessness and the second is that they can’t find a reason or the logic on why they feel the way they feel.

Knowing Depression From Outside

Knowing Depression From The Outside By Defining It From The Inside

Depression is being in an eternal existence of beating yourself up for just being alive and wasting it bit by bit every single day. Beating yourself up and not grateful for all the good things in your life because you just can’t appreciate life.

Depression is like having a distant sense of the person you used to be before the darkness invades your mind and soul taking control of your whole being, and as time continue to pass the distance grows and grows making you lose sight of the things you felt. Forgetting how it used to be yourself is like being in another life. Depression is being unable to summon the energy to fight and thrive against the demons lurking around the darkness. That little energy you have is depleted in fighting off the depression and that’s why you can’t go through the day.

Depression is being in an everlasting feeling of disappointment in yourself. Depression is being let down, by every person that surrounds you and by every interaction you have because you cannot feel anything else inside you. Depression is knowing with the reasoning that you are worthy and yet not being able to feel it as being a truth. You know you have a lot of potential but cannot unfold it in your life.

Depression is the struggle being able to look at yourself in the mirror or even think of looking at yourself in the mirror because it’s just too difficult to see your face and not be absolutely enraged by it.

Depression is wearing the fake face mask of smiling and laughing because you don’t want to become that person that everybody feels pity about and always brings everyone else mood down. Depression makes you hate yourself because you feel like ruining every single good thing in the life of other people who interact with and relate to you in any way. This is another reason why depressed people prefer isolation instead of building relationships.

Understanding and knowing depression like this will hopefully clear a lot of misunderstanding on why teenagers and people with depression in general act and feel in a certain way.

Common Questions Under Depression

Common Questions Under Depression

A few weeks ago I read a blog post of someone who was asking some questions in the air, I did address those question and reply with some answers in hope to make him feel better about himself and his situation.

This is what I’ve answered in my reply.

If you decide to beat depression and win back your life, this is what I can say.

When will my day be?
The day you feel grateful no matter what happens.
When it comes will I be ready?
You’ll know.
Will I be the one to do it?
Must be you the one to do it.
Will I be in the driver seat?
God must be in the driver seat.
Will it be a gloomy day?
The Sun will shine brighter that day
Will I have learned anything new?
For sure!
Am I ready to die?
Only God knows and makes the decision
If people knew my thoughts would they be worried?
The people that matter would be.
If I knew what my thoughts meant, would I be worried?
Your thoughts aren’t the lies of depression.

If you want to read the whole post and see why I’ve answered this way to these questions, you can do it by following this link.

I don’t remember if it was on Instagram or Facebook or somewhere else, but this one interested me a lot and I think the answer cannot be found from another person point of view, but by each one of us because it’s something related to knowing the true colors and the true shape of our souls. 

When trying to figure out things and getting out from depression by yourself these are the kind of questions you may have in your head.

Am I deserving of this?
Does my mind play tricks on me? 
Do I wanna give up? 
Is this easy? 
How do you explain that you aren’t suicidal but that you aren’t particularly invested in being alive?
How do you tell someone that you don’t want to die but that you don’t necessarily want to exist either?
Shall I go live? 

I don’t pretend to have all the answers or give you a magical phrase or quote that will just make sense toward these kinds of questions, but something I’ve seen often is that people who have these questions on mind usually tell others “I’m fine” and I think this is badly wrong.

When you say “I’m fine” but in the inside, you’re drowning and you’re losing yourself you’re denying your emotions and in a certain way avoiding seeking a little help and support.

What I want you to understand from all of this and the mindset that I’d love to impress in you is that depression and anxiety will be weakened to the point of being almost inexistent in you if you know who you really are. I mean, by knowing who we really are is the way we become able to answer these questions or better yet these questions disappear too if we know ourselves, otherwise, we will be confused and cannot find the peace of mind we are seeking.

Mental health is one of the most important things to care about. Remember there’s always hope and it’s not a lost fight. Perseverance and efforts (even small) will pay off one day.

How To Get Out Of Depression’s Genjutsu

This term (Genjutsu) comes from Naruto and even if you’re not a fan of the series you probably have heard about it. A Genjutsu is something of the most basic things to understand in Naruto’s world. I won’t submerge you into complex things about it if you don’t know Naruto very well.

Let’s start then by defining what is a Genjutsu.

Illusory techniques (幻術 Genjutsu) are an advanced branch of ninja techniques (忍術 Ninjutsu) whose objective is to confuse the mind of the enemy by manipulating the chakra, that is, those techniques with which the user creates illusions.

A Genjutsu is known as a created Illusion to confound the enemy. Some common synonyms of Illusion are; Image, deception, fantasy, hallucination, misbelief, fallacy, mirage, etc…

I consider the word Genjutsu as a cool way to say “something is deceptive about this”. And I’m talking for almost everybody in the room by saying that I don’t like to be deceived and prefer the truth even if it’s hurtful most of the times.

I always like to dissipate the Genjutsu in my life and see things as they really are.

Real World’s Genjutsu Scenarios

I will now give you some examples of real-life cases in which a kind of Genjutsu is used toward someone you know or you and didn’t realize it at the time if you haven’t known the scenario with anticipation.

 1 – When someone knocks at the door selling you a special offer of one of the best products out in the market and he simply convinces you that this is something that you must have, and you buy it, but you actually don’t have a real need for it.

 2 – When a friend or acquaintance trying to convince you to do something (like lending some money) that you think it’s a waste of your time and energy (and/or money) because it won’t help them and won’t help you at all, but still you do it.

 3 – Having a relationship of love and care with someone who is “ideal” to be with you because she/he presents you all the traits you like in a partner and you give all your trust, love and care to that person believing that person feels the same for you. But it wasn’t that “ideal” person after all.

I can keep going almost endlessly putting scenario after scenario of Real-World Genjutsu examples but I think you already got the point and have enough amount of understanding to find and define some Genjutsus you’ve fallen for in your own life.

With that said, shall we proceed to how we can get out of Depression’s Genjutsu?

How To Get Out Of Depression’s Genjutsu

Getting out from the Genjutsu of Depression

The Genjutsu of depression will be then the set of beliefs and misconceptions that we think are the truth in us and are truly false.

With the set of beliefs, you know what I mean

  • I’m worthless
  • I’m not trustworthy
  • I don’t deserve to be happy
  • Nobody cares
  • What’s the point of living?
  • It doesn’t matter anyway
  • I feel empty

In the anime, there are 2 ways to get out from a Genjutsu, one is that someone else infuse a little chakra (life force) into us with a touch and the other is by realizing none of what we’re experiencing is real and mind-bend the fallacy we are under with a more accurate representation of reality.

In the real world then, the way we can get out of depression’s Genjutsu is by;

1 – Having someone who infuses into us a little of his “life force” by caring and showing us that the deception we are believing is not more than that, a deception.

2 – Doing our best effort to change our mindset and actually changing it to the right one. This is a great strategy anybody can have to beat depression but is the one that requires more effort and hard work from us.

Now, everybody knows that it isn’t that simple to kill depression in this way but will mean a lot and for someone under severe depression will do all the difference having someone caring and supporting them because they will find more easily the drive to change their mindset to get back their lives.


A combination of both ways, meaning that having someone who cares and giving our best all the time on thinking, acting and believing that we deserve to be happy is the best way to beat depression and getting out of its Genjutsu.

Also, remember that this is not a magical cure and won’t happen overnight, keeping this in mind is crucial. You have to do the work like anything meaningful and worthy in life.

How To Detect The Symptoms Of Depression At An Early Stage

We should already know what are the symptoms of depression but let’s do a quick recap anyways to keep our minds fresh with some of the most commons symptoms.

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Bad memory
  • Disinterest in doing any activity
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling sluggish all the time
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Feelings empty and hopeless
  • Being Sad

For a better more complete list, about the symptoms of depression, you can click here.

What you need to know is that everything that supposes a change in our behavior and mood needs to be checked and compared with how we usually are. But to be honest, when we’re having these symptoms it usually feels like we are already deep into a depressive state.

Meaning that we cannot use these ones as a way to detect depression in its more primal hatching state.

Detecting The Symptoms Of Depression In An Early Stage

Symptoms Of Depression and How to Detect Them in an Early Stage

In this case, I’m talking about the kind of symptoms and signs that usually go under the radar because they have the tendency of being meaningless and don’t suppose a real issue to the people who have it if it isn’t that frequent and intense enough.

You Get Bored Easily

Sometimes you are doing your things and going through the day smoothly and chilling but suddenly without a reason, you feel like you’re bored of whatever you are doing at the moment and feel the need of a rush of adrenaline, otherwise, you’ll be bored for the rest of the day.

A Lot Of Daydreaming

It’s not like it is bad, I consider myself as a daydreamer but the thing is that I daydream mostly on rhymes (when writing a poem for example) and how things are getting resolved for the better.

Daydreaming is like closing yourself into your mind and downgrading the awareness of your surroundings. If you daydream a lot and smile alone for a not external reason (like I do), people will find you to be crazy in a fun way and I think you’ll be okay.

Negative Frame of Thoughts
Why nothing good ever happens to me?

What you’re doing here is focusing on the negative things happening to you more than the positive, which is a propitious environment for depression to develop.

I know this is my fault.

How do you know? How can you be so sure? Taking responsibility for something bad you did is good but if you’re going to take just the half part of the equation and not try to solve it to the best of your ability then you’ll end up in a vicious cycle of beating yourself and seeking new things to beat yourself and just feel miserable

I’m a failure.

Frame this statement differently with this one “Am I a failure?” Instead of taking it as an affirmation try to apply the reversal mindset and look for reasons to negate the hypothesis of being a failure.


The simplest and more effective way to put all of this together I think is by saying that we need to be mindful of the way we think and the way we see ourselves all the time.

With this conclusion, on my personal note, I want to say that this has a lot to do with integrity, discipline and the honesty you have with yourself. All of this I will explain better in a later post, better to stay tuned.

How To Stop Being Sleepless and Start Winning Your Life Back From Depression

We already know some of the most common symptoms of being depressed.

  • Feelings of emptiness, despair, and sadness
  • Disinterest in relationships
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Lack of concentration
  • Etc…

Among the most commons and known symptoms of depression, there are sleep disturbances; sleeping too much or too little.

I wanted to talk about this issue of being sleepless and give my thoughts on how to deal with insomnia. This means this post will be for those of you who are struggling with depression and difficulties of conciliating sleep.

Later, I’ll dedicate another post to talk about sleeping too much.

Being Sleepless And Depressed

Being Sleepless And Depressed

Insomnia is known as the difficulty of falling and staying in sleep. This sleeping disorder can trigger and give strength to a lot of other problems and issues like mood swings, lacking the energy to function on a normal day and even hallucinations in more extreme cases.

Your depression can be a lot harder to deal with if your physical and mental energy levels are depleted and you can’t have a full recovery through sleeping.

According to certain studies, approximately a quarter of the population have some kind of sleeping disorder and around 6% – 10% suffer from insomnia. And another interesting fact is that people with insomnia are at least five times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety too.

The link between Insomnia and Depression it’s widely known, but it’s very likely that the different situations of the people suffering one thing will probably suffer from the other.

How To Stop Being Sleepless and Start Winning Your Life Back From Depression

Being sleepless it’s not something that will go off away overnight with a remedy, pills or therapy. They can help for sure but a whole change in your lifestyle is what you need to see long-lasting results and be able to cure insomnia and depression.

There are certain things we can do every day to stop being sleepless at night and have better rest by sleeping.

1- Your Internal Clock And Sleeping Routines

This refers to going to sleep every night at the same time and waking up at the same time too. If you would like to take a hot bath or do some kind of breathing exercise before that will help you to sleep, the better.

2- Sunlight And Light In General

Having enough sunlight through the day and decreasing the amount of light you receive at night you’ll put yourself in a better mood to sleep. In fact, it has already been proved that if you use a cellphone right before going to sleep, it will be harder to fall asleep.

3- Physical Activity And Being Healthy

Doing some exercise and become fit improves your night sleeping time. The quality of your recovery by sleeping also becomes better by having a healthy diet and pursuing a healthy way of living.


We need to understand and know that insomnia it’s not something that we can cure in a few days, but thankfully, if we put ourselves in the best condition to sleep, we eventually will become less likely to stay as being sleepless in a few weeks and that’s what I want you to take from this post I’m sharing with you.

Is Your Job Making You Feel More Anxious And Depressed?

In an ideal world, having a job is something that must make us feel self-realized, worthy and valuable to those that we’re serving and our own self, but the fact is that we’re not living in an ideal world and we must fight for the things we care and wish to have in life.

Another fact to consider is that most people don’t like what they’re doing but need to do it because the bills, student loans, the mortgage or whatever kind of debt they have, need to be paid monthly and without the paycheck from their job, they will have a hard time keeping up with everything.

Why Your Job Could Make You More Depressed
  • The reason number one is not feeling motivated to do what you’re doing in it and as I’ve already said this is because you’re not doing what you love.
  • It’s not meaningful and/or relevant to the kind of person you are and the kind of things you want to achieve in life.
  • There isn’t a happy environment inside the company and among your coworkers.
  • A bad management, meaning that you don’t have a clear set of objectives or don’t know exactly what the company expects from you.
  • There are stressful tasks to do every day, like dealing with angry customers and having patience while showing a smile each time.

There are more reasons but I’ve found that most of them can relate to these core 4 reasons on why people get more depressed inside their jobs.

Compare some of the reasons that you can relate in your job and find out what are the core reasons present in your own situation, that way you’ll have a better understanding on how you can address it and create a more compelling strategy to fight it.

How You Can Make Your Job A More Pleasant Endeavor

Your job and your depression

I have to be honest with you, I cannot claim that my strategy will work with 100{e402507e4f7c5da6fcdac0258ce55c5246707ed57ffe8e99d7407853d372cd9a} accuracy to all situations and all people, but if what I’m about to share doesn’t make you feel a lot better when you are at it, then at least it will make your job a more bearable experience.

What is really awesome about this one is that this tip will come in handy if you put it into practice regardless of the reasons you may have. The tip is to think you’re making one of the most important and fulfilling works on the planet. 

I’ll show you what I mean with an example.

Let’s say that if you’re a plumber the usual job definition you would have is something like;

Maintaining, repairing and installing pipes that works with the water distribution, heating, and cooling for residential buildings.

And now with the reframe of the job description of a plumber to be one of the most important jobs on the planet your job definition should sound something like;

Making sure that life and health are distributed to families in their residence by installing, fixing, and maintaining the pipes that works in their buildings.

With which one do you think you as a plumber will feel more motivated, important and even less depressed about doing your job?

PS: I’ve learned this by reading and watching videos about motivation and business from an entrepreneur, meaning that I cannot say this tactic is completely mine. And sorry for not having the actual source but at least you can grasp the idea here from me.


My conclusion will be pretty simple and short. If you’re doing the best you can at one of the most fulfilling jobs, there’s no coworker, angry customer, difficult task or bossy boss that can make you feel depressed, anxious or bad at all about the way you’re making money.

Top 5 Causes Of You Losing Interest In Everything When You Fight Depression

Top 5 Causes To Lose Interest

When fighting depression we are not just fighting against it to gain our life back, we are fighting a whole bunch of problems that affect all areas of our life. This can be downing because we are being attacked from all fronts and need to give attention to all of them to ensure our victory.

By knowing a little more about what makes us lose interest in things, we can make better decisions even if our mind tells that there’s not much to do in this situation. That’s why I’ve come with I’ve found to be the top 5 causes of someone losing interest in everything when it’s fighting depression.

Top 5 Causes of You Losing Interest in Life While Being Depressed

  • 1- Anhedonia

If you’re losing interest in things that you usually feel pleasure, then it’s very likely that you’re suffering from “anhedonia”. Anhedonia is another symptom of depression and comes from the composed words in Greek of an -lack of- and hedonia -pleasure-.

Not everybody that suffers from depression suffers also from anhedonia but yet, it’s a common symptom of depression and usually it should be treated by a therapist.

Dopamine is closely related to our effort-reward system and a reduced effect of feeling pleasure for certain things (or all things in life) and if we don’t feel pleasure as a reward for something we do, then, we may think, what’s the point?

This neurotransmitter not working properly can be easily linked to anhedonia.

  • 2- An Eating Disorder

There are certain foods that make you feel healthy, motivated and overall more at ease with yourself, but other foods make you feel in a worse condition, that is an undeniable fact. Also, we need to consider the daily intake amount of food we are eating.

An Eating Disorder is a condition that messes precisely with the amount of food we eat (too much or less than required) and in the long run, create a feeling of losing interest in our health because we feel like being worthless and cannot control how much we eat.

  • 3- Major Illness

An illness negatively affects the quality of life we experience at the moment, a major illness, on the other hand, change almost everything in our life.

A lot of people who live with an advanced phase of cancer or (a terminal illness) don’t want to get treated and just want to set everything to prepare for their death, it’s not easy for them, and I’m not defending their position. But, what I’m saying is that they have lost the interest of living because have lost the interest of keep fighting against it.

  • 4- A Big Stressful Negative Event

Doing my research (reading and studying) I have found that we have a storage of emotional energy and every time we face something positive, happy and encouraging to joy and love, that storage gets full.

A big stressful negative event can produce in us, sadness, impotence, anger and grief by huge amounts in a short period of time. Those feelings make our emotional storage of energy to get depleted because they take from us.

In the long run, if we go in life with low or totally depleted emotional energy then our mind as a self-defense mechanism will make us feel without any interest for things we usually enjoy in life.

  • 5- Feeling Worthless

We can argue a little that by feeling worthless you already lost interest in living and doing things to feel better in life, and I’d say that not in every case it is like this, because sometimes is by feeling unworthy of love and happiness (a quick short definition of depression) that some people don’t seek help and eventually lose interest on keeping healthy habits in life.

Feeling like being worthless then, can trigger bad, harmful, and unhealthy behavior that keeps the perfect insane condition for depression to thrive and this is why it is its favorite weapon against us.


It’s not easy to change bad habits that keep us on the wrong road to be happy in our life, and the difficulty grows exponentially when we’ve lost interest in keeping the fight on. But by knowing these top 5 causes of losing interest when dealing with depression can make you aware of your weak points and start replacing them with more healthy ones.

Know that one can be linked and trigger the others, for example; Losing a close friend (Big stressful negative event) can make you think about the meaning of life and that we are nothing, (feeling worthless), and lastly losing interest in the things that you usually enjoy in life (Ahnedonia). This means that by fighting the root cause all the other areas will improve too!

Don’t try to find the interest and motivation to fight against depression, better start doing what you know it’s the best you can do at the moment and the interest and motivation usually will find their way back to you.

Speaking Out Your Depression

I remember when I was younger and I liked to watch the WWE and especially “The Rock” and “Stone Cold Steve Austin” it was like a curfew on Saturday at the time. I was thrilled by seeing them performing their special moves “Rock Bottom/People’s Elbow” and my favorite “The Stunner”, I’ll never forget Wrestlemania XVII.

Nowadays I don’t watch it and don’t have that passion anymore, but that’s OK because people can change what they like all the time and this is more common among kids and teenagers who are still defining who they are and what they want in life.

Even He Fought Depression

I don’t know about Steve Austin but you probably already know that he “The Rock” shared some inspirational words back in 2015 to people who suffer from depression and more recently, last month (March 2018) he opened up a little more about his battle and how he saved his mom from a suicidal attempt.

The reason I’m mentioning all of this is that at that time when I saw him as a wrestling hero at the ring I could never guess or imagine that Dwayne Johnson suffered and fought against depression.

Can you imagine someone that successful and wealthy suffering from depression as he, telling us he suffered? I mean, he is a living legend in the acting and wrestling world.

Had he never spoke out this issue to his fans, and society in general, no one would guess, but he revealed us his struggles and mood state with the saying “I was crying constantly” and “I was devastated and depressed”.

Something To Consider

Now, I want you to go back in time with your mind and imagine when he was younger and no one knew him and ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you think were his thoughts?
  • How about his attitude?
  • What kind of habits he had?
  • Did he surrender to his depressive state?
  • Did he believe that he can achieve something in life?

Now that he is successful and famous it’s easier to see in retrospective the kind of things he did that lead him to his success and I bet that it was not surrendering to his feelings, but actively taking action and creating the habits needed to become successful and wealthy.

Speaking Out Your Depression

Speaking out depression

Now, I hope not being too harsh on you because everybody experiences their depression differently and I can’t say if you have it better or worse than anybody else (including The Rock) but if he fought depression and he knew back then that this pain is real and he overcame it, then why couldn’t you do it too?

I know it’s hard, the pain it’s sometimes unbearable, the stress, the lack of energy… it’s just too much.

If it is too difficult for you to summon the energy to get up from the bed at mornings, to eat something, to take a shower, do the chores, or even brushing your teeth is an endeavor of titanic proportions for you, then you should start by speaking out.

Speak about your feelings, your thoughts, the things that are bothering you and let someone listen to your struggle because you need to take it out of your chest. We humans can take so much but we have a limit and need help from therapists, family, friends and a community of people who knows what you’re dealing with.

That’s what you need to learn and do, don’t keep this feeling to yourself and speak out about your depression because it feels a lot better to start addressing the problem and from there you’ll start to become more assertive in your fight against depression.


If you’re getting too much trouble, dealing with all of this, start by speaking out your problems and taking it out of your chest because speaking and being heard could be one of the best therapy against it (if not the best). This could mean with a therapist, a close friend or a supportive community.

Proceed to create the daily and weekly healthy habits that will help you getting away from depression, with a little time you’ll be able to see yourself with more self-esteem because you’re actively taking action to become better and with a little more time depression will be the shadow episode of your life!

Someday when you have destroyed depression and win back the happy and healthy life you deserve, you’ll be able to say what Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson is saying today;

“Depression is real, I have fought it, I have beat it, and I know you can too!”