3 Cool Apps to Fight Against Depression

There are many ways to fight, control and prevent depression and mental disorders outside of going to see a therapist. Like eating healthy, having gratitude journal or doing exercise. Even if you use these methods, the most recommended way always will be a therapy session with a therapist.

Another way we must recognize among all of these is that the usage of digital tools to beat depression, anxiety and manage mental illnesses are on the rise and is going to play an important role in the future, this is not just me, but according to some experts too.

If you can’t afford to go to a therapist for whatever reason but still the help is much needed them there must be an app designed especially for you and your needs.

Today I want to share with you some of what I consider are the most useful apps to beat depression. I’ll not just refer and recommend you a bunch of apps to fight against depression, but instead, I’ll write about what I think are the top 3 apps based on the functionality, results you may get and free of usage.



Ease of Use = 3.6
Effectiveness = 3.3 (Education, Screening, Self-Monitoring, Treatment)
Personalize = 3.6
Interactive/Feedback = 2.6
Research Evidence = 1.3

Think of MindShift as the portable coach in your pocket who can help you to relax and rewrite your thinking in a more healthy way. It has a lot of resources to take charge of everything you need to do to confront anxiety, stress, and depression without the feeling of being alone in the process. In fact, many psychotherapists are starting to use it and test it with some of their patients with remarkable positive results.



Ease of Use = 4.6
Effectiveness = 3.6 (Education, Self-Monitoring, Treatment)
Personalization = 5
Interactive/Feedback = 4
Research Evidence = 1.6

It is called the #1 app to regulate your mood. It has daily tools to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression. The community of supportive and knowledgeable people inside Pacifica is awesome, they’ll remind you that you’re not fighting this fight alone with their stories and advice. It is also a good tool for teenagers and young adults that want to start using mindful meditation as a way to manage better their emotions.



Ease of use = 5
Effectiveness = 4
Personalization = 4
Interactive/Feedback = 4
Research Evidence for Treatment = 4
Research Evidence for the App = 1 (no research evidence)

Over time you can take the PHQ-9 questionnaire to know the severity of your depression and anxiety symptoms, it provides a remarkable amount of education in the matter of mental illnesses, different kind of treatments for depression, and a simple plan to ensure suicide safety.

MoodTools is very simple to use and the interface is easy to understand and navigate, the only thing I’ve found discouraging is that there’s no research made to develop all the treatments of this app besides the PHQ-9 questionnaire.

Note: The above ratings are from ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), go to this link to see the full scoop on all the apps rated on ADAA 

Whether you use them or not, any app to fight against depression that helps you to track your progress will make you feel like you can actually get better. For those people who deal with anxiety and depression using these apps as a way to prevent their decline into a deeper state of the problem, they have been proved to be quite helpful and especially for young adults and teenagers and this is due to the constant use of smartphones in their lives.

In our portable devices, we can now carry with us all we need to soothe, prevent and fight any mental disorder. Also, you can find any kind of stress therapy, be it mindfulness relaxation techniques, CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), meditation, or chat communities for online therapy.

Other mental disorders that can be dealt with these mental-mood apps are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dysthymia, schizophrenia, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

I think designing apps for the recovery of mental illnesses is a great way to blend technology and mental issues to help solve the rising problem we are facing against them. It is common sense that you don’t have to use them all, but the one that makes more sense to you because fits you better.

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

In today’s modern world it is common and normal that almost every teenager has suicidal thoughts, not saying it’s fine, I’m saying it’s normal and that should give us a hint of how messed up the world is right now…

Having thoughts of this nature goes against our human instinct of survival, so even if this is quite normal nowadays, this means we are losing our basic human nature as a global society.

Some interesting facts about suicide and suicidal ideation.
  • It has been proved that people who suffer bullying, physical abuse and/or sexual trauma have a higher risk to consider and attempt suicide.
  • Lower levels of serotonin in the brain are related to a higher suicide risk and suicidal thoughts.
  • The two most common methods are guns and poisoning or overdose, with guns as number one method.
  • Every two minutes at least 3 people have committed suicide in all over the world, don’t fill these statistics…

Hopelessness and a sense that things cannot be better or that we cannot do anything solve our current situation is frequently described.

Do you have suicidal thoughts way? or know someone that has them?

All research point to the common factor of a mental illness and behavioral disorder with suicidal ideation such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental-health disorders.

Under the shadow of those mental illnesses and depression, the brain is not working as it should, it processes reality towards a defective lens because the thoughts and senses are not trustworthy. No wonder why we shouldn’t consume alcohol or drugs if we have any of this disorder.

Something very important we must consider is that serotonin is involved in mood, anxiety, and impulsivity. When serotonin activity levels are in a regular state the recovery is a lot faster and more complete according to scientists, but if serotonin is found to be lower, there is a higher chance of attempting suicide and having suicidal thoughts.

Did you know that in the U.S. the current 10th leading cause of death is suicide?

If we have to make the calculus we’ll conclude that suicides account worldwide more deaths than war and homicide, that’s disturbing… What is even more disturbing is that the ages of the those who commit suicide are more common at the ages of teens and 20s. The 3rd leading cause of death for people aging 15-24, and the second leading cause of people aging 25-34.

In what kind of world do we live, if the young generation is killing themselves at alarming rates?

There are certain things we can do to prevent the suicide rates going higher (A.K.A. save a friends life or yours):

Seek for God. I don’t want to shove any religion to you, but when you have someone higher than yourself taking care and loving you, there’s not room for any suicidal thought or depression.

Aim for your dreams. Write your personal goals and remember the things you want to accomplish, like learning a new language, traveling to a tropical island, starting a business or as simple as getting a new hobby.

Seek joy. It’s difficult to find it when depressed, but you better get moving doing the things that usually bring you joy as will help you to feel better.

Doing exercise is a great way to instantly boost your mood and energy level. Have discipline on this one and do it for at least 30 min a day even if you don’t feel like it.

Face to face interaction. There’s nothing better like a trustworthy friend to talk about your feelings. If this is impossible or difficult to you then at least do a call to crisis helplines

Write a dairy and stick to it, or even better take note of everything that you’re grateful for every morning and read it again before bed.

Go to the beach or take a peaceful walk in nature every day, it will help you to clear your mind and suppress any suicidal thought.

Make a safety plan. If you don’t feel able to do it alone, then ask a friend to help you out with this one to develop a series of steps to get out a suicidal crisis.

Just remember your not fighting depression alone and…

Suicidal Thoughts


Can Porn Lead to Depression?

What comes first, the egg or the chicken? If you are able to answer this question or find someone who can, please let me know. Because whoever know the answer probably can answer what comes first besides porn and depression.

Whether we can’t answer what causes what in this particular issue, our common sense tells us that there are some correlations between being depressed and porn.

What Triggers Porn Addiction?

Teenagers are more susceptible to fall into this kind of trap because you’re discovering your own sexuality and your mind/body are changing with those hormones that can find something to be erotic when there’s no reason.

Sexy doll

An undeniable factor for the crescent number of sexual addicts and porn addicts is that erotic images, videos and chatrooms are spread all over the web which makes easy for self-medicate our boredom and anxiety with the massive release of dopamine in our brains we get from watching porn.

A teenager (an adult too) just need a free day alone with internet on his preferred device, a jar of vaseline and some napkins to enjoy all the false human connection and short-term pleasure that erotic images, videos, and explicit sex can bring.

Porn and Depression Relationship

It doesn’t matter that much whether one comes first and open the gate the other. What’s really matter is to know that both are interdependent, because one foster the effects of the other to make it even stronger. This is what a therapist may call as a “dual-diagnosis”.

The relationship between porn and depression can be found in the what porn addicts belief “I’m not a worthy person” which is one of the core beliefs of depressed people.

The typical activities of a sexual addictive person are to watch porn and isolate themselves from family and friends, also this is typical in people with depression.

As a way of escaping from anxiety, stress, loneliness, and sadness is a great short-term solution but have some catastrophic secondary effects of bringing you more of these feelings, and before you know you’ll end up using porn as a remedy for meaningless problems, meaning that this is not a lasting solution after all.

Add to this the guilt of trying to be upright and moral in your life and you’ll end up with a perfect recipe to become depressed some time in the future.

Dangerous Effects of Using Porn

What’s scary about this sexual addiction is the enormously gratifying that it is and the easy access to it nowadays, how could someone say no to that?

Depending on the time and frequency you have on porn and fapping in front of the screen, sooner or later you’ll start to desensitize to people, social activities, and almost everything. In my opinion, this is how a kind of narcissism is born in people.

Being irritable, having a low level of energy and treating people like objects can be related to a high dependence of watching porn, according to some studies.

Another major effect that watching porn and masturbation bring to the table is that your brain is being rewired to become dependent on the rush of dopamine, hence creating a self-reward system without any effort on your part will result into lowering your self-esteem and that’s when you’ll end up being depressed.

My Conclusion
Must Not Fap

Through masturbation and pornography teenagers try to cover up how they really feel and think about themselves. Their self-image and ability to relate to other human beings really suffer because they try to use pornography as a way to escape from those feelings and that it isn’t a good strategy worth trying.

In the end, porn lead us to feel worse about ourselves and leave us empty without being able to feel true love and a real connection.

Whether we can say which one comes first or not, we can be sure that pornography and depression come together and can deal long-lasting damage to our mind and body.

Tips for Fighting Depression

Fighting Depression

I don’t want to give a long introduction towards some of the best tips for fighting depression, instead, I just want you to take action as soon as you learn about them.

* Write in a Journal: Everyday right about at least 5 things for which you’re grateful for. This is more like a gratitude journal it will help you to set up your mind to that very same mindset on your day.

* A Lot of Movement: Excercise is not a secret that will boost your mood and mind/body health, but I want to emphasize “movement” because you can do a physical activity like dancing to get that sort of result. Also, a peaceful walk in nature 3 times a week will benefit you a lot.

* Omega 3: You can find this super vitamin mostly in fish-oil, it helps with your mood swings, to regulate your internal clock so you get better rest when sleeping and it even help antidepressants to get the work done against depression. Omega-3 is one of the fats you won’t like to cut-off from your daily diet!

* Be Persistent: When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel it becomes quite hard to keep going. I know how it feels when everything just seems darker and darker, but remember that things aren’t that bad as you think they are, your mind is playing the song of discouragement, but you know you can do better (that’s why you’re here) and that’s why you must be persistent fighting depression.

* Become Self-Aware: By this what I really mean is to be able to recognize the full extent of your capabilities about what you can do alone and what you can’t do, which brings me to the next point…

* Find Someone to Trust: It doesn’t matter if it’s the counselor of the school and you think he can’t help you, what really matters is that you seek help when you need it because there are a lot of people out there willing to give you hand.

* Study Successful and Happy People: Read about people who are successful and happy and try to learn why they feel like that, try to get a glance in their minds to learn those patterns of thinking and then try to replicate them in your own mind. Trust me, is not that difficult.

* Learn a New Skill: Learning something new can get really hard If you are in a blue state and without energy. But remember that you’re doing it not just to show off your new skills on the guitar, but because this helps you break the depression state. Note; It doesn’t have to be a guitar.

* Volunteer: This is maybe the most overlooked and underrated advice that someone can give you against fighting depression. When you help someone both of you get a little rush of a brain chemical called oxytocin, this neurotransmitter is responsible for social bonding and with it we feel good about the good service we are doing to others.

Apply these tips as often as you can and you’ll see improvement in your overall life, the days are going to be brighter, the road is not that difficult as you thought and you start to realize more and more that you really can do it.

Loneliness and Depression

Why I feel very lonely? 
Why I’m feeling depressed?
I just want to get lonely because I’m super depressed…
loneliness and depressed woman

This is the kind of self-talk that a person who is feeling abnormal levels of anxiety and sadness will have which eventually lead to a secure feeling of depression.

Feeling lonely even when we are surrounded by friends, relatives or close people to us, is normal. You’re fine! Maybe you remember something that brought this feeling to the surface, and this is a natural response to that memory even if we are in the noisiest party or nightclub.

Loneliness and depression go by hand together but they aren’t the same thing. Loneliness is like the pain associated with the lack of social interaction, is like not being feed enough from the companionship of other human beings, or other living beings like a dog.

Depression instead, is the combination of feeling hopeless, sad, and unworthy which lead us to get lonely and depressed. Depression is not triggered by a need for loneliness, but, both of them can improve significantly with the feeling of belonging to a social group or having an intimate relationship with someone. This explains why we all crave for a partner in crime in our lives.

About Living Alone

*  People without social isolation tend to recover better and present faster improvement compared to those who don’t have anyone to support them.

* Teenagers and adults who feel like fighting and figuring out everything alone without supporting family members present a higher risk of suicide.

* The stress is also increased on those people who live alone and for whatever reason isolate themselves.

* The sleep is easily disturbed on lonely people. Spending less time in bed and in profound sleep leads to a deficiency to recharge energy and therefore feeling sluggish all day.

* Some studies state that loneliness is a reason for an increase in the stress hormones and a higher level of blood pressure. It means that the heart must work in an overdrive state, and with time the subject will surely develop some sort of heart malfunction.

* Lonely people think, act and talk in a more pessimistic way, don’t have or have little enthusiasm for having close relationships, hence social interactions don’t produce any liberation from stress.

* People who are lonely, try to find some other way to deal with their feelings (especially teens) by the abuse of alcohol, drugs, gambling or their preferred addiction. And hardly show signs of recovery, unlike people who are not lonely.

What Should We Do When Feeling Lonely?

If we are feeling very lonely for quite a time and this feeling is persistent, then these are some ways we can prevent, stop and cure this feeling of being a lone wolf in the forest.

A) Let’s get a pet. Remember that you want to get social interaction and companionship. Dogs are the most solicited in this department, but a cat, a bird or a fish might do the job too.

B) Don’t be alone. Make a call to an old friend, set up a meeting, or a 5 min conversation about anything with someone and check how you’re feeling in the ongoing interaction.

C) Focus on a social hobby. Everybody loves to do something and if other humans beings are involved, the better.

D) Seek help. Talk about how you are feeling with someone that you trust. By being a little bit vulnerable you’re actually getting closer to that person and any feeling of loneliness will evaporate before you know.

E) Laugh. Youtube can be an everlasting source of finding something to laugh, but be aware it can become an addiction…

There are other things that can help you out to dismiss the feeling of loneliness and depression, like defining a “definite chief aim” but those deserve their own blog post from me.

Is Social Media Causing Depression in Teens?

Social Media Causes Depression

To understand how social media can cause depression we need to understand how social media affects society in general, especially in teenagers.

Today’s modern society is eager to find out what others will think of them and unrealistic ways, one way to ensure the perfect recipe for depression is to create a lot of anxiety by no getting what we want.

This is the short and sweet answer about how social media is one of the major reasons for depression in the last decade.

Let’s get a more in-depth answer on how and why can affect the lives of so many teenagers

How Social Media Causes Depression?

There are certain risk factors that a teenager is more likely to be a victim and fall into anxiety and depression.

  • Being sexualized and the social connotations in our society are hugely amplified in text messages.

  • Still figuring out who they want to be.

  • The mind and body of a teen are changing and sometimes they feel something is wrong with them.

  • Social expectations are higher now that they are becoming adults.

  • It doesn’t matter how many connections they have, they’re mostly virtual not real. 

  • They are still child’s who are figuring out how to be an adult.

  • They take it very seriously when others don’t validate them.

When You Become an Actor/Actress in Your Own Profile?

In the expectations of getting more likes, more shares and followers they tend to create a profile and publish the content that is somewhat perfect (or try to create). The perfect picture, the perfect smile, the nice meal, what I’m doing today, etc…

Only to convey the message that they have an interesting life, and they are happy and joyful, so others can see them because this is what they are.

Nothing further for the truth, because that image they want to portray is not the real deal, and worse is setting the expectations of not having any flaws, like living in an illusory fantastic world that they want to share with the world by using social media.

It seems that there’s another persona that is taking charge of the lives who follow that trend, I’m not joking. And that persona doesn’t tolerate reality.

The reality is that we cannot expect to like everybody or compare to anyone because every one of us is unique in his own way.

Alarming Stats of the Rising Depression Epidemy

According to some studies in the years between the years of 2010 and 2015, there was an increase in teens who felt joyless and useless in the U.S. Suicide attempts on teens increase. But the worst and most discouraging part is that suicide in teens of 13-18 years old went up too.

Some other studies suggest a direct connection to the increased number of teens (and kids) who own a smartphone or tablet in the same period of time.

Another thing that we need to keep in mind is the how and how much time teens are using social media, I mean, not everything should be bad, social media is a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends, and meet new people, but that is.

When social media is being used 2-3 or more hours a day in a way to replace real face-to-face human connection, we need to know that it isn’t a healthy habit.

My take on this is that everybody should know when is too much, acknowledge how you feel about the effect that is having the use of social media in your life and if something feels a little fishy smelly then stop using it and do some other activities instead.

Talk about your feelings and seek help with someone you trust, but don’t go to feed your ego with social media when you’re feeling blue because it will make you feel worse in the long run.

A Major Reason for Teen Depression

First thing first, nobody has an easy life, even Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have their problems, the difference is that they have the kinds of problems that almost everybody wants to have in their lives. Like deciding what to do next with their fortune.

While no one really knows how depression is triggered in our life we have been able to identify some factors in our lifestyle that deepen the depression state.

An improper diet, social validation, psychological abuse are the most known, but for those teenagers who don’t or haven’t suffered from these experience is there any reason to be depressed?

Does a teen have reasons to be depressed?

Behind the scenes of a teen lifestyle, in this modern era being a teenager suppose a lot of stress because of the massive amount of pressure that is required of them. Expectations are very high in many aspects of their lives, like choosing a career. This may be a major reason for teen depression.

Something like defining who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in your life is very important and stressful, I get it.

There are two ways of seeing it and it will depend in the way you look at everything in your life, you either see it with a lot of excitement to define your purpose in the world or for whatever reason you get worried and discouraged because you can’t decide.

In this particular example, I believe this can only be a valid reason to be a worried and a little bit depressed if you can’t get the right counsel to establish a “definite chief aim” -your passion- and have the tendency to see everything in a pessimistic way.

I always keep in mind that you (as a teenager) are on the stage between leaving your childhood and starting to embrace your adulthood, meaning that you need advice, encouragement, and knowledge from someone wiser, usually your parents.

What I can say for certain that will help you (as a teenager) a lot is that you need to strengthen up your character and define what you really want in your life, like how do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years.

If you’re having trouble deciding your life (for the rest of your life) then decide just for the next 10 years or 20 years, that’s it!

You always can make adjustment along the way!!

depression, teenager depression,

Start looking at the horizon with a new perspective by asking yourself, who do I want to serve?

This is a serious topic, but there’s no need for you to don’t have to be so serious to actually get worried and depressed about it.

I hope this post helps you on feeling more secure about this whole topic, but if you are really having troubles with deciding your career then I’ll recommend seeing this article on Forbes. Answer the 9 questions over there and you’ll be on your way to find your dream career. Trust me!

Depression, Sadness & Anxiety

While the best way to know whether you have depression, anxiety or are just feeling sad is to go to a therapist, to recognize them is better to go blind on what you’re feeling and why.

We tend to confound depression, sadness, and anxiety because the three of them go hand in hand in hand. There’s a small level of sadness when you feel anxious, and depression is a mental illness that put you in a prolonged (and more intense) state of sadness.

If you or someone in your family suffer from anxiety is most likely that you or that relative someday will fall into the claws of depression, and those who suffer from the anxiety disorder can also suffer depression someday in their lifetime.

I know that doesn’t sound like good news…

monkey, depression, anxiety, sadness

But the good news is that there are things that you can change in your life that will eventually provide you an armored skin and mind against all these nasty disorders.

If you’re open to seeing the world in a completely different way of the ordinary way, you’ll life will change into amazing and unexpected ways!

Some of the characteristics of these three are;

  • Worried about what’s coming.
  • A belief that things are not going as expected.
  • It turns on the flight or fight response. You think you’re in danger.
  • A strong feeling of sadness about a major event in our lives, in most cases already happened.
  • Not being realistic, or a positive thinker, being rather gloomy in all our ways.
  • Being suicidal or having suicidal thoughts. Not self-worthy.
  • Can still enjoy pleasurable activities.
  • Being gloomy, but not for a long period of time.
  • Don’t feel like have to fight or flight away, but instead feels secure about his self-worth.

My take on the difference between them is very simple, depression is intensely prolonged sadness and anxiety is more like being worried with the feeling of sadness to some extent.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that we can talk about depression for something in the past (most cases), sadness is the feeling of something that is more immediate, (in the present) and anxiety is usually about things (or an illusion of things) that are yet to come in our lives, the future.

Not to brag with you, but I think this is another way we can detect more accurately in which department we are that I haven’t seen in this neighborhood.

Even with this knowledge, I’ll recommend don’t diagnose yourself with any disorder because most of the people don’t know the real meaning of their feelings and can misinterpret them. I’m just giving you some of the best info that I can gather with my insights and knowledge so you can beat depression in a more natural way.


Why I’m so Depressed?

feeling depressed, causes of depression

I know how difficult can be when you’re dealing with everything that’s going in your life and top of it feeling depressed, I mean, I get it, life is hard and seems to be getting harder everyday, but it is even harder if we see it through the lens of depression, anxiety, and sadness.

When you don’t have any reason, like a big trauma, or the loss of someone close to you it is common to have this question, and having the feeling of sadness for these particular reasons is common too, even healthy. But what is not healthy is to have this intermittent feeling of depression that comes and goes when least expected…

So Why I’m Feeling Depressed You Ask?

The main cause of depression in a teenager may vary, but neither you, I or a specialist can’t answer that particular question because no one really knows what is the real cause of depression. What I can do is giving you the main causes of depression, in that way you will be better equipped to answer it by yourself.

Main Causes of Depression

Genetics. It is depression common in the branches of your genealogical tree?

* Some illnesses. Depression can be sparkled in our lives by another completely different medical condition.

Abuse. Sexual abuse is the most known, but also physical and emotional abuse in the past can develop depression sometime in the future.

Death. Fear of our own dead, dead or loss of someone we love is a well-established factor for being depressed.

* Drugs. Not just the abuse of the illegal drugs, but some medicaments “legal drugs” can increase the chances of developing depression for a period of time.

* Being Excluded. By being excluded from our family, being fired, getting divorced. I mean losing or not getting into something that we care can be really painful.

* Low Self-Confidence. Carrying a low way of thinking about yourself will eventually lead you straight away to the path of the most high-quality feeling of depression.

Maybe you can argue with me if I’m right with the last one that it’s a vicious cycle. You could be depressed and then develop low self-confidence or by having low self-confidence we could be inviting depression to come into our mind and soul.

You could develop depression for one of these particular causes or a mix of them. When you identify the root cause of why you’re feeling this way you’ll hopefully know what action to take in order to stop feeling depressed because the solution will unfold naturally to you.

In the near future, I’ll be talking more in-depth about why depression appears as an uninvited guest in our lives so stay tuned.

What is Depression?

Crying with depression

In order to solve any problem, we need first to identify it and then, know more about it. The same rule applies to Depression.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary.

1- Depression: the state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future.

2- Depression: a mental illness in which a person is very unhappy and anxious (=worried and nervous) for long periods and cannot have a normal life during these periods.

The American Psychiatric Association defines depression as “the cause of feeling sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed”.

And according to Urban Dictionary; when you’ve felt like the world has been against you for so long, that you’ve become numb to everything.

For the sake of not repeating everything online or not just copy and paste all the definitions from what it is depression I’ll say that there is something common in all the definitions, and that is the “low state feeling”. Under the influence of anxiety and depression, we feel like we don’t have any worth to others and ourselves.

We recognize sadness when we see it, and this is one of the major signs of depression. More than sadness when we are in a depressive state it affects our way of feeling, thinking and how we act and interact in social situations, that’s why it is considered a mental disorder.

To better understand what is and how to fight against depression.

Let’s list some of the most known signs of depression.

* Restlessness

* Irritability

* Anxiety

* Sadness

* Fatigue

* Desire to suicide

* Eating disorder (loss of appetite or overeating)

* Lack of focus

We all can agree that the most powerful sign from this list is the desire to suicide. When you are feeling like taking a risk that put your life in danger for the sole reason of taking that risk not valuing or acknowledging that your life is worth more than losing it, you can be almost sure that you are depressed.

Thank God that there are treatments, supplements, information, psychological expertise, and even food and communities to help you in your fight against depression.

My advice to you is to seek out help, move and do something about to fix it, but don’t keep fighting this feeling alone, because there are a lot of people that don’t want to see you in this situation, including me!