About Teenager Fighting Depression

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How Depression is Ruining the Lives of Millions

My name is Isandy Díaz and trough my life with some of my closest friends I have seen how depression have turned their lives to the worst. Me as a friend and looking for ways to cheer up and make them feel better to get a lot of knowledge and some effective ways on how we can win against it.

By dealing with the depression of some of my friends, I also learned firsthand how people really feel and think under the influence of depression and what we should and shouldn’t do. Because there are things that are counter-intuitive in this delicate topic and a lot of misconception.

I know those stories about how life isn’t worth living and I know how a teenager feeling depressed can convince himself of even taking his life. But more importantly, I know what we can do with actionable steps on how to Fight Depression and Anxiety.

My Mission Against Depression

So why I’ve decided to become a warrior against Depression?

The feeling of not being worthy and loved in this world is one of the worst feelings we can get in our lives, and according to some studies there are 40 million people dealing with anxiety disorder, and this is just in the USA alone.

I believe things are worse than the stats are showing us and we as human beings are losing this war. If I can help at least 1 person to win the fight against depression then I’ll know that I’ve lived a life with meaning and purpose.

Teenagers have a lot of energy and love for living and have seen some of my friends giving up so easily on their dreams and their lives, was so heartbreaker to me that I decide to do something against it, I can’t see how depression is taking the lives of so many people and do nothing about it, anxiety and depression disorders are not going to win this war, not on my watch!!

My mission is to share my knowledge and encouragement on how we can fight against this disorder to eradicate it in this world. I believe it’s possible to live in a world where everybody feel is worthy enough to live a life with joy and happiness!

My Reasons to Create TeenagerFightingDepression.com

Don’t get me wrong, I know everybody can benefit from my knowledge, but to be honest, my experience is with teenagers because is with them that I have tested knowledge and gather my experience with some amazing results.

Being a teenager nowadays is usually about social status above everything and today more than ever is easy to follow the road to depression and anxiety, I really think that things are worse than that and teenagers have the worst part dealing with depression, because the teenager phase on our lives is about setting the grounds and bases for our character and personality and being depressed is not a healthy way to see the world and ourselves.

The reason for “Teenager Fighting Depression” to exist is because;

A) I want to help people fighting and winning against depression.

B) I have some knowledge and experience on how to get the winning hand against depression and want to share it.

C) There’s a big need for this kind of expertise in the world.

D) My life will be more meaningful and successful if I’m helping others with this mental and emotional disorder.

Wish you the best,

Isandy Díaz S.