5 Causes of Teenage Pregnancy Depression

Teenager Pregnant Depression

In the U.S. alone according to The Office of Adolescent Health more than 500K teens get pregnant every year and I almost can bet that +80% (if not 100%) of these pregnant teenagers weren’t planned, I certainly win the bet after doing a little homework.

Pregnant teenagers haven’t developed the body fully as a woman but have to face the same pregnancy-related issues as matured women do.

For teens who deal with the challenges of pregnancy, judgment, parents, and pediatricians, not finding any support and guidelines on how to proceed can be a lot of stress which can lead to a depressed pregnant teenager, which is even worse.

Most Common Causes of Teen Pregnancy

Pressure From the Media

With all the risk related to an adolescence pregnancy, I don’t understand why in recent years the media started to begin a glamourization of getting pregnant in the teen years of a girl.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the kind of shows like “16 and pregnant”. They tend to glorify teen pregnancy and hide all the true adversity teens have to face.

Also, it seems like today’s teens to be “in” have to be pregnant and have children early in their teens and 20’s. Something has shifted and this is becoming the norm nowadays. Not knowing that this is a perfect scenario for teens to get depressed.

Alcohol and Drugs Abuse

Teenagers experiment with the use of drugs and alcohol and even abuse them. While it is not recommended to use these toxic substances, sometimes they do use them in social gatherings and parties by peer pressure.

It has been well established and it has been known like forever that the use of alcohol and drugs lead to unprotected sex, (and more in teenagers with the hormones, you know) and lastly to unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.

Sexual Abuse

If the teenage girl doesn’t want to have sex but is still coaxed to do it by force or fear she can get a long life trauma from this event. Many years may pass and she can still feel the effects of depression of being treated like a sexual object from the perpetrator.

This is common in preteens too and the worse thing is that they don’t want to talk about it because it’s difficult to feel trust in someone else or themselves. They feel dirty in their bodies all the time and most likely will need a lot of therapy and support to overcome that trauma.

Parents Not at Home

When a teenager girl doesn’t feel she can openly bring the topic of sex to her parents because they forbid it or because they are absent most of the time, very likely she’ll seek advice from friends on whether or not to have sex, resulting in teen pregnancy because of the misinformation and lack of knowledge.

The real thing to pinpoint here is not just that the parents aren’t at home, but the lack of communication between them and their child or teen.

The Family Environment

Children exposed to family strife between her parents, common domestic violence and abuse are more likely to get pregnant in their adolescence. A dysfunctional family it’s a common predetermination to an unhealthy mental and emotional development in teenagers.

This problem is not just for girls, but boys who have an unhealthy family environment are more likely to impregnate girls in their teenage years too.


I think that something so precious and important as getting married, forming a family, and having a baby is being portrayed nowadays like not the ideal standard. The standard today is to be seen and admired by many people as possible.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the behavior of most teenagers or young adults in their 20’s of both sexes and the most common trends you’ll find, it’s to be adored in their social media profiles, (almost idolized).

Social status and the recognition from the masses it has become everything for them, and things like who you’re dating, what are you doing in your spare time, how good looking it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend has become in the most important things. (The standards of the modern age.)

These shallow things will eventually demand more from the people who are in this way of thinking, and thing like; is he good in bed? all of my friends had sex, I’m 14, why I can’t find a boyfriend and have sex too? Am I good looking? Am I sexy enough?… well you get the idea.

This way of thinking on teenagers mixed with a dysfunctional family, lack of knowledge, low communication between parents and their children, peer pressure to obtain social status and the use of alcohol and drugs is a great recipe for a teenager girl to end up pregnant and lastly depressed because of all the stress and anxiety produced by this big decision taken so lightly.

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