COVID-19 is Dangerous

Washing hands to battle against COVID-19
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Lot of people, (almost everybody) is submerged at the expectations of what will happen in the world with the recent menace that COVID-19 has created.

This virus has created such big troubles not only in our lives in a sense of health but also in the economy, our lifestyle and our social interactions.

We are the generation that is fighting and is going to survive one of the biggest epidemics in the entire world and to this date, in the entire history.

Can you imagine how big this is of a game-changer?

But the thing is that with everything we are going through now, with all the lives lost so far and the ones that are going to be lost in the near future, with the economy being “stopped” as it is today… When everything finishes it won’t feel like it has truly finished.

We (humanity) were not prepared to handle this situation effectively as we would like to think we were.

Corona Viruses are dangerous and we need to take the necessary precautions to ensure we don’t get affected by this new one.

Being at Confinement… For Our Own Good

One of these precautions is to be confined (reclused, restricted, etc,) in our home to avoid and delay the fast propagation of the virus. Probably the best way to fight COVID-19 at this moment is social isolation.

The reason I wanted to talk about the importance of confinement and the present danger of this virus is because I’ve seen some people taking this situation not seriously enough as people who should understand COVID-19 is no joke.

Don’t believe what I’m saying?

Well, just do a quick search on Social Media, Google and/or Youtube about the new challenges, ways to pass the day, finding things to do in this new leisure time (for us that are not working), to grasp a sense of how boring people (in general) is feeling with the whole situation.

I mean, I get that we are not used to be in home all day long without the usual freedom to even go out the corner and crossing the street.

You probably have seen numerous movies you wanted to see, cathed up with some series, anime (if you like them too like me), finished books and played a lot of board games with your family. And that’s great! But is this the most important thing to be doing and thinking about?

Is entertainment the most important thing we should be focusing right now?

Depression and Fear Are the Sidekicks of COVID-19

While some people are feeling bored with this, lot of other people are getting sick and dying, lot of them feel hopeless because they don’t know how to confront this bug.

There are reasons to be afraid and even feel depressed, but let us remember the reasons why we must not feel this way and as difficult as it may be, find the gratitude in everything that comes in life and not to make it worse by spreading fear and feeling frightened.

Fear is the most fast-spreading and deadly virus in all history of humanity by the way…

Better to feel bored than afraid and in despair against this Pandemic. That’s true! But it is also true that being healthy doesn’t mean we should ignore the feelings of pain and uncertainty that the entire world is living by the COVID-19.

Another point I want to add is that this holy week is almost finishing and look up how we have spent these days. Right!! Instead of going out to the beach, traveling and taking the weekend off for pleasurable activities, must of us have spent it been confined at home…

The Catholic Church must be feeling proud that this Holy week the world stayed at home praying and in introspection 😅


My point with all of this is to create some conscience about the necessity of knowing ourselves better and use our leisure time for more productive things.

While we may feel like there is no hope, we should remember the feelings of fear and depression don’t make things easier (but worse) to bear the situation and we should feel grateful for our life.

Doing some introspection, exercising ourselves at home and using our leisure time to learn and master new skills, will help big time to overcome all feelings of fear, depression and boredom.

Easy to say but not easy to do and the difficulty level gets to the extreme when we are in a situation like this COVID-19.

I want to end this post with some thought of reflection when difficult times knock at the door.

Hope You’re Doing Well. Stay Strong!!

“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” 

– Doe Zantamata

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