How Coming Back to Home Can Help Fighting Depression?

Back Home and Fighting Depression
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I’m not talking about the physical act of coming back home, but that feeling we have when we get into that place we call home.

How is it that it can help us to fight depression?

You know, there is certain knowledge that we as normal human beings hold and it’s very difficult to transfer to another human being, in other words, is very difficult to communicate.

Feelings and emotions share that property too.

Feelings and emotions play a big part in how we live and walk in the world. For instance, a lot of us can relate with how certain things make us feel like; chocolate, a charismatic personage, a sexy body or even with Marvel Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones.

Must of us can also relate to music because of what is being communicated and the way it makes us feel.

But how is it that coming back home can help us to fight depression?

Home Sweet Home!

What comming back home evokes in us, is the feeling of being safe. That we don’t need to keep the guard up and we finally can rest because we trust there’s no harm while being at home.

Let’s see it in real (and fictional) representation…

Getting back from work or college usually feels like a great relief. Soldiers are happy to go back to their country once war has finished. Batman has the Batcave to rest when he’s not fighting for justice in the city. In videogames, there’s always a place in which our character can recharge its energy and health.

Hopefully, you’ve got my point.

In the way I see it and the main reason I wanted to share this post with you it’s because I think “Home” is not just a place, but can be also an activity we like to do, a person or a group of people we like to spend time with.

That explains why we like certain hobbies, we feel we can relate to that activity in a special way; like we are in “our ground“. We love someone or are charmed by some people because we feel like we can trust them, we can let our guard down, we are safe.

Getting deeper into the way I see it, this also explains why we don’t like cheaters, liars, drama queens (or kings), attention seekers, narcissistic people, and evildoers in general. With them being around we don’t have rest and comfort, we cannot relax and feel at home but be alert all the time.


Being alert all the time is tiring, is really not sustainable in the long run. Creating a lifestyle that makes us feel at home as much as we can is what I believe would be how it can help fighting depression.

I know that I haven’t taken the exact same meaning of home, but it serves me well as a metaphor.

In a nutshell, we want to be at home as much as we can, and if we can create the feeling of being at home for ourselves and for others, then we are claiming back a lot of ground from depression.

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