How to Escape the Prison of Depression?

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What role does depression plays when we are in prison?

I’m not talking about in the literal way of being in jail, as a matter of fact, there are at least three kinds of prisons that I know. There is the prison of the body, the prison of the mind and the prison of your soul.

Can you guess what is the Prison of Depression? Or better yet, how to escape from it?

Let’s first define and talk about the three of them separately to understand better my point of view.

The Prison of the Body

Staying beside 4 walls lying in a bed all day without being able to go outside, is (in a way) what we know to be in jail. We are deprived of our freedom to go out as a punishment.

Depression can make us feel like we are in this kind of prison by playing it’s part when we feel so bad, hopeless, unworthy and sad that we cannot feel enjoyment or any motivation to go outside of our bedrooms or getting up from bed which is even more common than we think.

We are creating our own little prison of the body when we let depression grow stronger everyday. And as depression gets stronger, this prison feels more and more real in our life.

Also, the other way around is true too. By staying there without the capability of going outside, (like being in jail) can affect us negatively and enhance or start to create feelings of being depressed.

Hence, the best way to not feel being in this kind of prison is by going outside even if we don’t feel any motivation to do so.

It would only apply if you’re not in jail of course…

The Prison of the Mind

Understanding and explaining this concept is a little more complicated than the previous one. Hence, I’d like to take the metaphor of a computer and the programs it has to better understand the relationship with depression.

If you think and act in a certain way regarding the situation; like being shy when approaching girls, certainly, you will approach them with a set of beliefs that will make you think and act in that certain way.

Your mind, having the program of “shyness” installed, will run this program when social interactions are happening or are about to happen, you’ll behave accordingly with that program.

Can you see now how Depression plays its part in the prison of your mind?

Depression installs the program of sadness, hopelessness, unworthiness, sorrow, emotional pain, sometimes even self-harm, and suicide ideation.

Mental illnesses and depression can be really harsh to beat. There’s always a glimpse of light but with the darkness and hollowness, it makes us feel, we tend to believe there’s none.

Under depression’s influence, we are being programmed to not see and feel the light.

Feeling incapable of beating depression and getting out of your mind’s prison created by it, is due to not knowing how to fight it because you don’t know yet how to use your available tools to fight efficiently.

The way to get out of this prison starts with knowing what needs to be done!

The Prison of the Soul

Ok, those programs are there and there are times it is good and healthy for them to run. Problems start when they run inappropriately and at all times.

It seems like the only program we can run is the one called “Depression” and there’s no time to run a different one.

Let me ask you this, if there’s a program, who is the programmer?

Programmers are the ones who create and decide what, how and when a program needs to run in the mind for the body to follow accordingly.

With time the programmer doesn’t need to actively start running the program because it can run by itself automatically.

Did you noticed how Depression plays its part in the Prison of the Soul?

The decisions you make on how to feel against any situation, the belief system you’ve installed and the lens you’re using to understand and process something, is like a programmer trying to deal with a program.

You need to be conscious and self-aware about yourself.

However, in spite of all of this, I’m not proclaiming the easiness of putting this into practice, on the contrary, I know how difficult it is to be self-aware of your own state and how to improve it.

Anxiety, depression and mental illnesses, in general, will make you believe there’s no hope because you cannot control them. Which is not true.

What about if we realize we are the programmers of our mind and body?

Once you realize that you are the programmer you will also notice that there is much more power within you to change the reality in which you are living.

Soul’s Prison is feeling like not having the ability to choose but once you understand and internalize that you create and run the programs you want in your life, you have plenty of options.

Next step from there is learning to choose the best option!

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