How to Stop Depression

Stop Depression

When depression climbs the ladder up to our mind and emotions we transform ourselves into our worst depressive state, and we don’t know how to stop depression to take over our mind. If we knew how to do it, life would be so much easier.

It’s natural that we want to get out of depression and give the stop signal right away. But how?

Stop Depression Before it Gets Stronger

First and foremost we need to start practicing listening to ourselves, listening to our emotions, and our thoughts, in our current situation.

Whatever your truth is and whatever your feelings are, listening to yourself will make you aware of the pattern your taking when starting to feel depressed.

When you are in the situation (low mood, being depressive, feeling blue, or whatever you call it.) it’s a lot harder to think, act, and make a decision because things get fuzzy and confusing. Better to be clear on what to do before the situation arises stronger.

Another thing you need to start doing is talking about your concerns more openly about your situations (and the thought patterns that bring you there) because people who experience depression episodes aren’t crazy. They are just experiencing negative things more intensely than average people.

To prevent depression you need to rehearse in your mind the process of what you need to do when it’s happening. It’s like putting a contingency system or emergency plan on the actions you need to take in order to stop it and from there just need to take action on that plan.

Some of the things to include and consider on that action plan are:

  • Who are you going to call?
  • Write the things you’re grateful today.
  • Read your past success.
  • Avoid curling yourself in bed, go out for a walk instead.
  • Try not to stay alone.
  • Watch, read or listen to something funny and/or motivational.
  • Breath, do some exercise, get sweaty.

The best way to stop something is to ensure ways that will not happen. But shit happens anyway, when things that we are trying to prevent happens anyways, happens with less intensity and power over us.

We’ll have more control and a better understanding of what to do and how we will manage the situation when it’s happening because we have identified our thinking pattern and can take action on an emergency plan that we’ve established to fight back and stop depression.

If things are getting overwhelming (as usually are) we need to find someone we can trust to fight with us.

That’s for sure one of the best pieces of advice.

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