Loneliness and Depression

Why I feel very lonely? 
Why I’m feeling depressed?
I just want to get lonely because I’m super depressed…
loneliness and depressed woman

This is the kind of self-talk that a person who is feeling abnormal levels of anxiety and sadness will have which eventually lead to a secure feeling of depression.

Feeling lonely even when we are surrounded by friends, relatives or close people to us, is normal. You’re fine! Maybe you remember something that brought this feeling to the surface, and this is a natural response to that memory even if we are in the noisiest party or nightclub.

Loneliness and depression go by hand together but they aren’t the same thing. Loneliness is like the pain associated with the lack of social interaction, is like not being feed enough from the companionship of other human beings, or other living beings like a dog.

Depression instead, is the combination of feeling hopeless, sad, and unworthy which lead us to get lonely and depressed. Depression is not triggered by a need for loneliness, but, both of them can improve significantly with the feeling of belonging to a social group or having an intimate relationship with someone. This explains why we all crave for a partner in crime in our lives.

About Living Alone

*  People without social isolation tend to recover better and present faster improvement compared to those who don’t have anyone to support them.

* Teenagers and adults who feel like fighting and figuring out everything alone without supporting family members present a higher risk of suicide.

* The stress is also increased on those people who live alone and for whatever reason isolate themselves.

* The sleep is easily disturbed on lonely people. Spending less time in bed and in profound sleep leads to a deficiency to recharge energy and therefore feeling sluggish all day.

* Some studies state that loneliness is a reason for an increase in the stress hormones and a higher level of blood pressure. It means that the heart must work in an overdrive state, and with time the subject will surely develop some sort of heart malfunction.

* Lonely people think, act and talk in a more pessimistic way, don’t have or have little enthusiasm for having close relationships, hence social interactions don’t produce any liberation from stress.

* People who are lonely, try to find some other way to deal with their feelings (especially teens) by the abuse of alcohol, drugs, gambling or their preferred addiction. And hardly show signs of recovery, unlike people who are not lonely.

What Should We Do When Feeling Lonely?

If we are feeling very lonely for quite a time and this feeling is persistent, then these are some ways we can prevent, stop and cure this feeling of being a lone wolf in the forest.

A) Let’s get a pet. Remember that you want to get social interaction and companionship. Dogs are the most solicited in this department, but a cat, a bird or a fish might do the job too.

B) Don’t be alone. Make a call to an old friend, set up a meeting, or a 5 min conversation about anything with someone and check how you’re feeling in the ongoing interaction.

C) Focus on a social hobby. Everybody loves to do something and if other humans beings are involved, the better.

D) Seek help. Talk about how you are feeling with someone that you trust. By being a little bit vulnerable you’re actually getting closer to that person and any feeling of loneliness will evaporate before you know.

E) Laugh. Youtube can be an everlasting source of finding something to laugh, but be aware it can become an addiction…

There are other things that can help you out to dismiss the feeling of loneliness and depression, like defining a “definite chief aim” but those deserve their own blog post from me.

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