Speaking Out Your Depression

I remember when I was younger and I liked to watch the WWE and especially “The Rock” and “Stone Cold Steve Austin” it was like a curfew on Saturday at the time. I was thrilled by seeing them performing their special moves “Rock Bottom/People’s Elbow” and my favorite “The Stunner”, I’ll never forget Wrestlemania XVII.

Nowadays I don’t watch it and don’t have that passion anymore, but that’s OK because people can change what they like all the time and this is more common among kids and teenagers who are still defining who they are and what they want in life.

Even He Fought Depression

I don’t know about Steve Austin but you probably already know that he “The Rock” shared some inspirational words back in 2015 to people who suffer from depression and more recently, last month (March 2018) he opened up a little more about his battle and how he saved his mom from a suicidal attempt.

The reason I’m mentioning all of this is that at that time when I saw him as a wrestling hero at the ring I could never guess or imagine that Dwayne Johnson suffered and fought against depression.

Can you imagine someone that successful and wealthy suffering from depression as he, telling us he suffered? I mean, he is a living legend in the acting and wrestling world.

Had he never spoke out this issue to his fans, and society in general, no one would guess, but he revealed us his struggles and mood state with the saying “I was crying constantly” and “I was devastated and depressed”.

Something To Consider

Now, I want you to go back in time with your mind and imagine when he was younger and no one knew him and ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you think were his thoughts?
  • How about his attitude?
  • What kind of habits he had?
  • Did he surrender to his depressive state?
  • Did he believe that he can achieve something in life?

Now that he is successful and famous it’s easier to see in retrospective the kind of things he did that lead him to his success and I bet that it was not surrendering to his feelings, but actively taking action and creating the habits needed to become successful and wealthy.

Speaking Out Your Depression

Speaking out depression

Now, I hope not being too harsh on you because everybody experiences their depression differently and I can’t say if you have it better or worse than anybody else (including The Rock) but if he fought depression and he knew back then that this pain is real and he overcame it, then why couldn’t you do it too?

I know it’s hard, the pain it’s sometimes unbearable, the stress, the lack of energy… it’s just too much.

If it is too difficult for you to summon the energy to get up from the bed at mornings, to eat something, to take a shower, do the chores, or even brushing your teeth is an endeavor of titanic proportions for you, then you should start by speaking out.

Speak about your feelings, your thoughts, the things that are bothering you and let someone listen to your struggle because you need to take it out of your chest. We humans can take so much but we have a limit and need help from therapists, family, friends and a community of people who knows what you’re dealing with.

That’s what you need to learn and do, don’t keep this feeling to yourself and speak out about your depression because it feels a lot better to start addressing the problem and from there you’ll start to become more assertive in your fight against depression.


If you’re getting too much trouble, dealing with all of this, start by speaking out your problems and taking it out of your chest because speaking and being heard could be one of the best therapy against it (if not the best). This could mean with a therapist, a close friend or a supportive community.

Proceed to create the daily and weekly healthy habits that will help you getting away from depression, with a little time you’ll be able to see yourself with more self-esteem because you’re actively taking action to become better and with a little more time depression will be the shadow episode of your life!

Someday when you have destroyed depression and win back the happy and healthy life you deserve, you’ll be able to say what Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson is saying today;

“Depression is real, I have fought it, I have beat it, and I know you can too!”

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