Stop Depression and Enjoy Your Christmas

Depressed people deserve to have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too!
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December might be the most loved month by children because they expect to receive gifts, by adults because we love to receive the Christmas bonus, and by seniors because they are eager to see the whole family reunited once more.

People give a smile when they greet in the street, you can feel it in the air, the music, the food, you can sense everything been more cheerful around at this time of the year.

It’s a happy season for everybody or at least that’s how we usually see Christmas and how we feel it should be.

Not everybody feels like this is a happy season. To be honest, for quite a time I’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit to be lost in many ways.

Maybe I’m wrong about this but I feel like, as a general rule, once you gain more knowledge and consciousness with what’s going on around the world (especially the negative stuff), it will get harder to keep something like the Christma’s spirit to be alive.

I can’t talk for everyone else that thinks this way, but in my case probably it was just a natural process that came with growing up from childhood.

Depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness could have played a big part in feeling lonely, sad, and frustrated especially on Christmas for a lot of people.

You may put a mask of being happy in this time of the year to not feel too alienated and to not chase away the people you care in this world. You may dance, talk, and smile to keep the appearances around people, but what happens when you find yourself alone? Are you ruminating back to the shadow realm in your mind? Did you ever leave?

Having to fight against them, don’t leave you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to enjoy Christmas and as much as you don’t want to end the year feeling like this, you simply don’t know any better.

While everybody seems to be having a Merry Christmas, you on the other hand are feeling anxious and probably crushed by depression.

Just Stop!!

I really mean it, just stop!!

Feelings of depression cannot be easily stopped just by desiring it. But you can stop trying to pursue happiness on the outside, you can stop resisting and/or hiding your true emotions when feeling things are crumbling inside, and stop trying to keep up a mask so you don’t feel becoming a bummer to others.

Christmas is an especial season to reach out and connect with our loved ones, being in depression and trying to mask it will cut our opportunity to have stronger and authentic connections with them because – as you may guess – you’re not being authentic in building that relationship.

Following this line of thinking, I could say that it will get very hard being able to enjoy Christmas or anything in life if you cannot find a little pinch of authenticity within yourself.

Instead of focussing on resisting, masking, hiding, and negating what you are experiencing, hone in your ability to accept what’s happening inside with what you feel and think and then give yourself permission to do little positive acts that make you feel better.

My advice is not to give up but to accept what you’re feeling and let it out. It is through acceptance that you can acknowledge what steps need to be taken to start improving this condition.

Another point I would like to mention is that if your peers and loved ones only are with you in the happy-easy times, then you need to surround more frequently with people that are going to stick with you in the hard times too.

This will create a big difference in your life. People that support you and want you to get better from depression won’t care if it’s Christmas when you open up to them.

Stop hiding, when you’re opening up don’t seek validation or attention with those people but rather a relationship based on truth and honesty. This is how you can build up your strength to stop depression and start enjoying Christmas.

With that said, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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