Thrill of Victory Against Depression

Small victories are for most people things that are taken for granted, nothing of too much importance that we need to pay a top-notch attention. But for people who are struggling with depression, any small victory is of great significance.

Thrill of Small Victories Against Depression

Thrill of Victory Success Story

Sometime ago, (I believe it was the last year 2017) I read about a history of how a man was discouraged about his high blood pressure condition and thought that any kind of therapy or visit to a doctor it was worthless. He believed to be doomed. Still, was convinced by someone close to him that he at least must try it out once.

Let’s call him John. John went to the therapist and after a long chat and some arm-twisting techniques she was able to convince John to give up 1 diet soda for a week and come again to see her, and he did. The last day before going again to see her he noticed that he wasn’t so tired at his mood was a little better this week.

Next week, he went to see (let’s call the therapist Lily) her a little reluctant and not enthusiastic at all but Lily then knowing he wasn’t ready yet just ask him to take 15 min to go for a walk everyday at the time he prefer for another week and then to come back and see her again, with an unpleasant grin in his face John finally agree to do it too.

On the second week and the third time he went to see Lily he actually went a little more joyful, he told her he was feeling a little better, with higher energy and a clearer mind. Now, Lily, this time asked to start a new diet for a week or if he can’t or won’t, then at least eat an apple a day. And this time John accept to do both and ask if he can come again next week, and Lily told him that this time needs to take it for two weeks.

He was starting to believe!

John, seeing that his mood and energy level are improving decided to start using the stairs instead the elevator to reach his apartment on the third floor and when he got the time he also does some light exercises while watching the TV.

One time at his apartment when he was watching the TV that he noticed that he no longer need the glasses to watch the screen without any blurry. John couldn’t believe it!! the glasses that were recited to him (according to his medical condition) are now blurring images and he was seeing better with his naked eyes because his vision was healing too.

Next time he went to see Lily, he was exhilarating thanks to the thrill of the small victories he had in these past weeks. Lily just thought, “Ok, now he’s ready”. John completed the therapy sessions with Lily and by the end of that year he no longer was using the glasses, his medical condition was a lot better and he realized the importance of taking care of your body and mind with a healthy way of living.

Really amazing!!

Let’s Use It Against Depression

Although our hero wasn’t fighting against depression in this story, it perfectly illustrates my point about the importance of small victories in our lives. The perception of John about life, joy, and happiness, turned 180º degrees when he realized that he was winning back his health against his illness.

When you are completely depressed and down, feeling like you cannot win over your way back to happiness, just need to remember that every small step you take to fight against depression is one step closer to beat it. Doing a little exercise, calling a friend, not being alone all the time, laughing, giving thanks and having small talk with a stranger, can be our little victories against depression.

With every small victory, your self-perception will start to shift toward a more positive and optimist way of seeing the world, because you’re feeding it with small successes.

Someday at the moment least expected in the mist of your battle, you’ll notice how far you have come and how much you have accomplished, that instead of rolling up in a fetal position on your bed and just feeling depressed, you just want to move onto the next task to win back your happiness and joy.

That’s The Thrill of Victory Against Depression!!

5 thoughts on “Thrill of Victory Against Depression”

  1. Yes !! That is the spirit !! It is never about big but small things, those things that could bring you far away… It is a fight, one day after the other, yes, but only if you break the days into hours and the hours into minutes. COmpound interest will get you far, far away… 🙂

    1. Exactly! Although you say it in this way, we are saying the same thing. And now that you’ve mentioned it I can see how it is related with Compound Interest. The Snowball Effect baby!!

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