Tips for Fighting Depression

Fighting Depression

I don’t want to give a long introduction towards some of the best tips for fighting depression, instead, I just want you to take action as soon as you learn about them.

* Write in a Journal: Everyday right about at least 5 things for which you’re grateful for. This is more like a gratitude journal it will help you to set up your mind to that very same mindset on your day.

* A Lot of Movement: Excercise is not a secret that will boost your mood and mind/body health, but I want to emphasize “movement” because you can do a physical activity like dancing to get that sort of result. Also, a peaceful walk in nature 3 times a week will benefit you a lot.

* Omega 3: You can find this super vitamin mostly in fish-oil, it helps with your mood swings, to regulate your internal clock so you get better rest when sleeping and it even help antidepressants to get the work done against depression. Omega-3 is one of the fats you won’t like to cut-off from your daily diet!

* Be Persistent: When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel it becomes quite hard to keep going. I know how it feels when everything just seems darker and darker, but remember that things aren’t that bad as you think they are, your mind is playing the song of discouragement, but you know you can do better (that’s why you’re here) and that’s why you must be persistent fighting depression.

* Become Self-Aware: By this what I really mean is to be able to recognize the full extent of your capabilities about what you can do alone and what you can’t do, which brings me to the next point…

* Find Someone to Trust: It doesn’t matter if it’s the counselor of the school and you think he can’t help you, what really matters is that you seek help when you need it because there are a lot of people out there willing to give you hand.

* Study Successful and Happy People: Read about people who are successful and happy and try to learn why they feel like that, try to get a glance in their minds to learn those patterns of thinking and then try to replicate them in your own mind. Trust me, is not that difficult.

* Learn a New Skill: Learning something new can get really hard If you are in a blue state and without energy. But remember that you’re doing it not just to show off your new skills on the guitar, but because this helps you break the depression state. Note; It doesn’t have to be a guitar.

* Volunteer: This is maybe the most overlooked and underrated advice that someone can give you against fighting depression. When you help someone both of you get a little rush of a brain chemical called oxytocin, this neurotransmitter is responsible for social bonding and with it we feel good about the good service we are doing to others.

Apply these tips as often as you can and you’ll see improvement in your overall life, the days are going to be brighter, the road is not that difficult as you thought and you start to realize more and more that you really can do it.

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