Top 5 Causes Of You Losing Interest In Everything When You Fight Depression

Top 5 Causes To Lose Interest

When fighting depression we are not just fighting against it to gain our life back, we are fighting a whole bunch of problems that affect all areas of our life. This can be downing because we are being attacked from all fronts and need to give attention to all of them to ensure our victory.

By knowing a little more about what makes us lose interest in things, we can make better decisions even if our mind tells that there’s not much to do in this situation. That’s why I’ve come with I’ve found to be the top 5 causes of someone losing interest in everything when it’s fighting depression.

Top 5 Causes of You Losing Interest in Life While Being Depressed

  • 1- Anhedonia

If you’re losing interest in things that you usually feel pleasure, then it’s very likely that you’re suffering from “anhedonia”. Anhedonia is another symptom of depression and comes from the composed words in Greek of an -lack of- and hedonia -pleasure-.

Not everybody that suffers from depression suffers also from anhedonia but yet, it’s a common symptom of depression and usually it should be treated by a therapist.

Dopamine is closely related to our effort-reward system and a reduced effect of feeling pleasure for certain things (or all things in life) and if we don’t feel pleasure as a reward for something we do, then, we may think, what’s the point?

This neurotransmitter not working properly can be easily linked to anhedonia.

  • 2- An Eating Disorder

There are certain foods that make you feel healthy, motivated and overall more at ease with yourself, but other foods make you feel in a worse condition, that is an undeniable fact. Also, we need to consider the daily intake amount of food we are eating.

An Eating Disorder is a condition that messes precisely with the amount of food we eat (too much or less than required) and in the long run, create a feeling of losing interest in our health because we feel like being worthless and cannot control how much we eat.

  • 3- Major Illness

An illness negatively affects the quality of life we experience at the moment, a major illness, on the other hand, change almost everything in our life.

A lot of people who live with an advanced phase of cancer or (a terminal illness) don’t want to get treated and just want to set everything to prepare for their death, it’s not easy for them, and I’m not defending their position. But, what I’m saying is that they have lost the interest of living because have lost the interest of keep fighting against it.

  • 4- A Big Stressful Negative Event

Doing my research (reading and studying) I have found that we have a storage of emotional energy and every time we face something positive, happy and encouraging to joy and love, that storage gets full.

A big stressful negative event can produce in us, sadness, impotence, anger and grief by huge amounts in a short period of time. Those feelings make our emotional storage of energy to get depleted because they take from us.

In the long run, if we go in life with low or totally depleted emotional energy then our mind as a self-defense mechanism will make us feel without any interest for things we usually enjoy in life.

  • 5- Feeling Worthless

We can argue a little that by feeling worthless you already lost interest in living and doing things to feel better in life, and I’d say that not in every case it is like this, because sometimes is by feeling unworthy of love and happiness (a quick short definition of depression) that some people don’t seek help and eventually lose interest on keeping healthy habits in life.

Feeling like being worthless then, can trigger bad, harmful, and unhealthy behavior that keeps the perfect insane condition for depression to thrive and this is why it is its favorite weapon against us.


It’s not easy to change bad habits that keep us on the wrong road to be happy in our life, and the difficulty grows exponentially when we’ve lost interest in keeping the fight on. But by knowing these top 5 causes of losing interest when dealing with depression can make you aware of your weak points and start replacing them with more healthy ones.

Know that one can be linked and trigger the others, for example; Losing a close friend (Big stressful negative event) can make you think about the meaning of life and that we are nothing, (feeling worthless), and lastly losing interest in the things that you usually enjoy in life (Ahnedonia). This means that by fighting the root cause all the other areas will improve too!

Don’t try to find the interest and motivation to fight against depression, better start doing what you know it’s the best you can do at the moment and the interest and motivation usually will find their way back to you.

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